Friday, November 4, 2005

Working late on Friday's is just cruel.

Work sucks when you have a headache.

Well, if we are to be entirely honest, work generally sucks no matter what, but the suckage becomes almost intolerable when one's head is on the verge of imploding.

Work with a headache especially sucks when you plan to go home around 2, only to have that dream dashed because other people are clearly retarded. Say it with me people "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." And now I'm faced with walking home in the dark. Normally I'd not care about this. I might live in Oakland, but am generally kind of fearless in walking around my neighborhood. However, with a skull-crushing headache, I'm slightly distracted and so easy prey for every psychopath on the streets.

Example: I went to college in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, in case you didn't know, is fucking cold. I made the bad decision to walk home with a migraine in a blizzard one night. I thought the super cold air would help and, hey, no one was out anyway, right? Well, two people were out. Me and the craziest sumbitch I'd met yet. Walking along in downtown Milwaukee, just trying to trudge through the foot of snow that had fallen in the last hour, I hear someone yelling "hey." I ignore it. The yelling continues. They couldn't be talking to me. No one I know would be out in this weather. Finally I hear running footsteps, I turn, expecting some very drunk acquaintance. Instead I'm met with wild eyes and an unfamiliar face.
"I was trying to catch you."
Me, "ummm, ok." (creepy. this guy is creepy. Run away. Run AWAY)
Him, "I need some help."
Me, "are you ok, are you in trouble?" (meanwhile scanning for open wounds or obvious injury and still trying to walk and put distance between us.)
him, grabbing my arm "you're pretty."
Me, "..."
Him, "you look just like my old girlfriend. I really loved her."
Me (attempting to remove his hand from my arm without touching him, while searching for ANY other human on the street.)
Him, " You look just like her. But she didn't wear glasses. I sure loved her." (while stepping in closer)
Me, "Look, I need to go. Are you ok, do you need an ambulance?" (still hoping he's had a brain injury and just needs me to call 911)
Him, "Can you come home with me?"
Me, "no, I have to go. Bye."

I turned on my heel and headed up the street (which was decidedly NOT the direction I needed to go) and turned to see him watching me go. I swerved into a parking garage, if nothing else, I know they have working cameras in there, so perhaps, when they find my mutilated body, they'll be able to catch this guy. (my morbid thoughts are so charming, eh?)

Meanwhile, this guy is a block away and can still see me. I couldnt' decide which was more dangerous, walking near this guy on a normally-busy street, or taking my chances in the dark alleyways where god-only-know-what is lurking.

I don't even remember getting home. But I do remember telling the security guard in my building to watch out for this guy. Apparently he showed up later that night, but I never saw him again.

Normally I have my wits about me and never would have allowed this guy to catch up with me in the first place. However, with a headache, I'm not thinking straight. So, now even as I wait for my content to go live, I'm watching the sun disappear from the horizon. It's pitch dark.

Xtian, get home soon baby!

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