Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Negativity Rules the Day!

Ahhh, Tuesday. We meet again. And for an extra surprise, you had me walking to work in the rain? Gah! I'll foil you yet, you foulest bastard of all the days of the week!

Monday was spent fighting yet another skull crunching headache, this time, I decided to go home early, and make my life a little more tolerable. To add even more fun, I ran out of my head-meds. Hurray. No rest for the pathetic.

So, for those locked in suspense (yeah, right), we didn't get the apartment. The reason? Xtian's old landlord wouldn't return the realtor's calls to give a reference. Nice. Simply phenomenal. I'm so tired of living in soul-less beige apartments. I wanted to find somewhere I could stay for a while. Dare I say it? I wanted a home. And this could have been it. *sigh* I tried to be optimistic and hope for something good in my life, and I got shat upon. When will I learn? My old way of thinking is back. Assume only the worst will happen, that way if the worst does happen, you're ready for it, and if anything better than that happens, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Where is the flaw in that? Stupid positive thinking. I actually let myself want something, now I have nowhere to live. Fucking awesome.

And now I'm plotting my revenge on the slumlords. I'm thinking an ass-whooping (courtesy of me). Or I could show up at their offices in a suit, with official looking letterhead papers and scare the piss out of them. The bastards didn't even give us an excuse. When Xtian called his old landlord to complain and ask what happened, they claimed they never received a phonecall. Someone is lying. Methinks it be the landlords. The realtors had no reason to lie. Just say they picked another tenant, no need to blame a no-call reference. GAH!!!! Sorry, I'm still pissed and sad.
So, the home-hunt continues. And I'm a sad little Coley.

The weekend was delightful, if sleep-deprived. Xtian's friends got into town Friday evening. A night of boozing and playing board games (of all things) followed. I learned a valuable lesson: prescription narcotics and the Captain do not mix well. I only had a couple drinks over the course of the night, yet found myself spinning when I went to bed.
The boys were adorable, and brought 2 lbs of bacon and a bottle of tequila with them. What else does one need to travel?

They stayed up hours later than I, then got up before me and were well into making breakfast before I could even hoist my ass out of bed.

I managed to dilute my hangover enough to drive to Chico and spend the day with my sister, who had a big fancy-pants dance that night. We did makeup and home spa treatments. Total girlie fun. Once Kat was safely on her way to her dance, I headed to Sarah's for a mellow drinking night.

For the most part, it was a great group of people. Everyone is just sassy enough to get sarcastic and bitchy without hurting feelings. We played several rounds of drinking Jenga and a game called Dirty Minds. (substory: last year I hooked up with one of Sarah's acquaintances named Michael. It was random and just easier than explaining why I wouldn't sleep with him. Whatever. So, another one of Sarah's friends had also slept with him kind of recently. Sarah, being Sarah, made one of the Jenga blocks "Drink 2 if you've slept with Michael." This was hilarious, until Michael showed up. Then I couldn't keep my laughter under cover. He was so embarrassed, I was thrilled. I love other people's social discomfort.)
Dirty Minds proved to be a blast. In this game, you get clues that sound really dirty, and you have to guess the thing, which is not dirty.
For example
Clue: the more you play with me the harder I get. Answer: Rubik's Cube.
My favorite:
Clue: My snatch is world famous. Answer: Patty Hearst.


I returned to Oakland Sunday morning to watch football with all the boys. They had fabulous stories to tell of wandering the streets of SF. (All the crazies were in top form. One woman was standing in the street slamming a lead pipe into the ground repeatedly, yelling " I know what you did to my baby!!!" Another guy asked the boys if they had a quarter, they all checked their pockets, and shook their heads. "You don't have a quarter between the four of you? Well that's a goddamn shame." Classic bay area crazies.) I kicked the boys out after the football game so I could relax (after two nights of drinking way too much and no sleep, I felt like a wrung out sponge) and tidy the house. Yeah, I'm cool. I get the place to myself, and laundry is my choice in activity. I'm so cool. I was actually sad to see the boys go. Xtian was so thrilled his friends finally got off their asses and made an effort to see him.

He was adorable all weekend, running around, playing host. And miracle of miracles, the boys actually liked spending time with me. I was amazed myself. I never know where I stand with those kids. They make me nervous, and when I'm nervous I usually end up spouting a lot of TMI, which makes some people uncomfortable. You'd think I'd get over it. I've known these guys longer than I've known Xtian. But everytime I talk to them, I'm just sure they are mentally rolling their eyes and counting the minutes until I'll go away.

Perhaps I'm just a little bit self-conscious?

Ok, I'm all written out. Have a happy Tuesday, if that's at all possible.

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