Thursday, November 3, 2005

Coley's Liberal Heart Breaks

One of Xtian's favorite games to play is "Let's make my uber-liberal girlfriend uncomfortable." This all started with Season 2 of Chappelle Show. I mentioned how I usually love the show, but find myself really uncomfortable with some of the jokes. So, he made me watch a couple episodes with his friends. We'd just begun dating, and were kind of self-conscious about being a "couple." During a sketch, they describe Tiger Woods thusly:
"He's been subject to discrimination over the world, drives a Cadillac and
dates a white woman. Sounds like a black guy to me."

Everyone in the room is throwing sidelong glances our way, seeing how we react. And the discomfort begins.

He continues to play this game by making horrifically inappropriate (to me) race-related jokes. He thinks it's hilarious to make a joke about his penchant for fried chicken and just wait for me to get uncomfortable. I've worked most of my life to challenge stereotypes and question my own ignorance. And all that work is being shot straight to hell thanks to Xtian.

So, earlier this week commercials started playing for this week's Law and Order: SVU (arguably the greatest L&O since Jerry Orbach left the original in shreds). All we saw was something about white supremacists and had a shot of Marcia Gay-Harden doing the old one armed Nazi salute and screaming "white power" as loud as she could. Xtian found this hysterical. So, he's taken to surprising me at the most random moments (like when I'm showering) by screaming "white power." The only way I got him to stop (granted it only stopped for about a day) was when I threatened to start yelling "white power" during sex.

And yes, I realize this story isn't funny to anyone but me. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along....

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