Thursday, October 6, 2005

Sure, the work is boring, but the Eye candy is Great!

I love having my work/home boundaries completely ignored. I've made it clear to everyone in my department that I have a "hard stop" at 4 pm everyday. I get here before 8 every day work my ass off for the next 8 hours and leave. But now I get to be here until at least 4:30 because there's a meeting. Will I learn anything from this meeting? No. Will I be able to contribute in any way? No. So why am I going? I have no idea.

All three of my work crushes are no longer accessible. The two IT boys moved to a building far away, and the other one told me yesterday that he's accepted a job elsewhere. *sigh* I guess it's time to get my job looking back into gear, eh?


Girlfriend time with Jen after work today. I'm totally excited. I love getting together and being completely silly with girls. No matter how close a friend a man is, it's just not the same as women friends.

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