Friday, October 14, 2005

Everybody's working for the weekend.

I don't even know why I get to work before 2 pm on Fridays. Everything I know I have to do is already done. Anything new I may have to do never gets here until after 3 pm. Seriously, before 12:30 here's what I accomplished:
  • Read email
  • Checked bank balance
  • surfed and read 14 other blogs
  • began reading archives of blogs I've already read
  • checked email again.

Yeah, I'm so glad I got here before 9.


In other news: CONGRATULATIONS JEN!!!! You are fabulous in every way and deserve every penny of your ridiculous new salary.

In celebration, Jen and I will don our slutwear, eat delightful tacos, get tipsy at a bar, and hit on random men. I haven't had a girls' night like this in a while. I can't wait. I haven't been my normal lecherous self since Xtian moved in. It's not his fault, I'm just not starved for male attentions any more. However, get a few drinks in me, and I'm liable to jump up and dance on anything that will hold still. Drinking with Jen always brings out the shameless hussy in me. This is why drinking with Jen is high on my list of priorities.


The older I get (which is arguably still only 23 years old) the more time I want to spend with my family. I spent 20 years tryin to avoid my family when possible, and at least ignore them when I had to spend time with them.

Dad and I always had a handful of things we could talk about: sports and work mostly. We disagreed on a lot, and used to be really close, but when I hit my teens we were strained.

My older sister and I made an alliance in my pre-teens. We kept eachother as sane as we could until we could escape our family and their oppressive religion. She was the one I was closest to for most of my life. But she moved to Oregon at 18 then Pennsylvania at 22 and I moved to Milwaukee when I turned 18. We only saw eachother a few times during that time.

College was nice, since I really only could see them a few times a year and rarely for more than a few days at a stretch.

Once I graduated and set up a home with the ex, I noticed I was missing my mom. I'd call her a few times a week just to say hi, ask for advice or just vent. During this time (from June 2004 to July 2005) my mom was probably my closest confidante. My roommate who had served as clostest friend removed herself from my life, and Sarah lived 2500 miles away, and had never experienced the things I was going through.

My brother had finally worn my parents out, so I had him move out to Milwaukee. I love my brother, but he is hard to live with. Of anyone in the family I think he's the one most in need of some good counseling. I spent most of the time we all lived in Milwaukee tip-toe-ing around his anger, doing everything in my power to avoid confrontation. We had a lot of fun though too. We bonded over my ex being a spoiled rich kid, and being Californians living in Milwaukee.

When my brother came to live with me, I was on the phone with my mom almost daily. At the age of 21 I became the legal guardian of a surly, angry teenager. I needed my mom. And she was there. Always.

When I moved back to Chico after fleeing from my ex-fiance, I discoverd how fun my little sister had become. Gone, for the most part, was the uptight goody-two-shoes-don't-rock-the-boat sister I had known. Instead I found a neat little human struggling to come into her own when her role in our family was shaped in not being like the rest of us. So, when she was the only one left, what was she supposed to be? We spent the summer giggling, watching bad Lifetime movies and laughing about the behaviors of others. For a sweet girl, she can be vicious in the best possible way.

Now that my life is settled and I live only a few hours from them, I miss them. I never thought I'd be one of those people who wants to live next door to her family, but it's occuring to me more and more. Not that I EVER want to live in Chico again, but it would be nice to live closer to them all.


Ok, random diatribe on the Coley family is over. Random thoughts for the day.

Have a wonderful weekend, and look out for a couple of slutted out bawdy drunk chicks tonight. We will sexually objectify anything that moves!

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