Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Recap

Friday night out with Jen was delightful. Since it was her night, I offered to drive, so had a glass of wine with dinner and a cocktail at the bar. By 9 pm, I was done drinking and so had no frame of reference on Jen’s drunkenness. She bought dinner, so I bought drinks. I just kept them coming until Jen started stumbling a little. She’s a cool customer and most people wouldn’t notice that girl was TRASHED. We played pool, chatted up some random guys, just enjoyed flirting and giggling. I got my ass pinched by some skeezy 50 year old accountant looking scumwad. I decided it was funny and let it go.

Finally it’s about midnight, and I realize that Jen is totally fucked up. So, we make our excuses and leave. I drive her home, then carefully wind my way down 80. I get to my apartment to find Xtian sitting on the couch looking really serious. Before even standing up he says “I have a confession. I’m a little drunk.”


It quickly became evident that he was not a little drunk. No, he was REALLY drunk. He took down more than 1/3 of a bottle of Jack Daniels. Well done.

I’ve been smoking heavily all night, so I opt to shower. Xtian’s hanging out chatting with me while I scrub the bar-room-floor smell out of my hair. Starting to realize how drunk he is, he relays his evening to me.

He had started out the evening the way he usually starts his evenings home alone: he called his friends. Xtian has had the same group of friends for 9 years. Apparently, a few of them were in San Francisco the weekend before for some comedy festival. When Xtian asked them why they hadn’t called him to tell him they would be less than 10 miles from him, they said “We thought you would have gone to something like that.”


I realize the shit-tastic town of Chico has maybe one interesting thing happening a week, but the Bay Area has about 50 interesting things happening every day. So, that excuse is ri-fucking-diculous. I’m pretty certain the reason he didn’t get the courtesy “we’ll be in the area” phone call would be Big Rhonda. Big Rhonda (names have been changed to protect/degrade the despicable) is the repellent girlfriend of Xtian’s friend Sean. (Sean is not allowed to be my friend anymore because Big Rhonda told him so. This is the girl who told Xtian the night before he moved to Oakland that she and Sean would not be visiting him until he got his own place. I have no idea what I ever did to piss her off, but whatever.) If she was along on this trip, the boys would not have been “allowed” to call Xtian, for fear I might be with him.

Even so, if this was the case, you apologize. Instead of blaming Xtian for not knowing in some psychic way that they would be there, they needed to just simply say “Oh, shit dude, sorry.” Instead, he’s hurt and angry and they can’t be dragged away from a terrible movie to talk to him for a few minutes. So the drinking and weight lifting began.

By the time I got out of the show, he was rigid with hurt, anger and JD. I promptly threw out the last of his drink, but the damage is done. He’s had so much to drink in such a short time that not all of it has hit him yet. He’s getting drunker by the minute. It’s at this point I decide food is the answer. We have nothing to eat (aside from uncooked whole wheat pasta, but not even a little butter to put on it) so I load him up in the truck to find some fast food to shove down him. He’s now onto drunken rambling. I’ve lost patience being the sober babysitter of the extremely drunk guy and I figure he won’t remember much anyhow, so I’m just yelling at him as he tries to throw things out the window and yell things to people on the street.

Part of his drunken rambling is something about work. I can’t decipher quite what he’s saying and he didn’t mention it again after he sobered up, but worry was nagging at me all weekend.

Against my better judgment, I buckled and asked Jen if I should worry. I shouldn’t have asked, it put her in a really awkward situation, and I didn’t want to do that. But I did. She hesitated in answering and said she felt stuck in the middle, and I realized what a bitch I was being for asking her to betray her boy’s confidence and gave her the old “nevermind.”

But the hesitation answered my questions.

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