Monday, October 10, 2005

Coley Manipulates the Other Shoe into Dropping.

Just when I had accepted that Xtian was either completely ashamed of me, or was as afraid of his mother as Mike was of his, he impressed me.

We had decided to have a nice, quiet snuggle-in kind of weekend. We had food, coffee, some delicious alcoholic beverages and a few movies. Friday night was spent downing a few rum-based refreshments and good conversation. I was reveling in the fact that I still genuinely enjoy sitting and talking with my chosen partner.

Saturday, we’d run a couple of errands and cleaned the house, so it was shower time. Just as we were climbing in, he ran to the living room. Ahhh. The phone. I never can hear that thing ring. He mouths that his mom is on the phone. I turn off the shower, and hear him telling his mom about his week, and “oh, I’m just having a chill weekend. Probably play some video games.” Sounds pretty innocuous, except I can hear all the things he’s not telling her. She’s been under the impression that Xtian and I are roommates. And he worked hard to keep her under that impression.

Once he got off the phone, I asked how his mom is, and if he’d told her his roommate said hello. It was snarky, but could have been worse. He saw the hurt all over my face. I left, took a shower alone to calm down and wallow in my hurt without lashing out at him.

After I felt better, I got out of the shower, got dressed and found him on the couch. Clearly, he was feeling shitty. I told him I was sorry, but needed to feel hurt for a little while. We’ve had this conversation so often I’ve given up, but still need to wallow every now and again. I hate that every time his mom calls, I feel like I’m not supposed to let my presence be known. I don’t want to pressure him into doing something he’s not ready to do, but come on!

So, he finally manned up and called his mom. I asked him not to do it because I was asking him to. He assured me that he was just done being a coward. Ok. I couldn’t overhear anything but he was in the bedroom on the phone for a good 45 minutes. He walked out, and didn’t say anything, but didn’t look upset.

After all that, she was happy that he had a girlfriend. She was glad that he was out of Chico, and glad that he was with a woman who makes him happy. So, now I feel much relieved, and like I can get comfortable. Like there’s not a big dramatic thing on the horizon. Whew!

The rest of the weekend was enjoyed in fabulous moods and near-pornographic bliss. Huzzah!

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