Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Coley's Irksome Morning.

So, imagine you are hired into a position that is decidedly under your educational/experiential level, but sounds like a good way to get your foot in the door, and maybe you’ll learn a new thing or two. Then imagine that over the course of a few months, this position has been pushed into a secretarial position. Fine, you start looking for a new job, but for the time being this job pays the bills and is tolerable.

A few more months pass, and a new person takes over the department. Now she’s shoving you more and more into the administrative assistant role, even though you’ve asserted that this is not what you were hired for, and you have very little time to do these tasks any more due to job shifts. But, the whole team is “pitching in” and so you let it go.

Now, she’s asking you to do things, asking you how long it will take and when you give her a reasonable estimate (because that’s all you can do, since you won’t actually be DOING the work, and are having to guess how long it will take someone else to do things) she’s calling another admin to doublecheck your answer as though you are bullshitting her.

So, not only are you forced into a position for which you are severely overqualified, now your integrity and work ethic are being called into question. Nice, eh?

So, hilarity of hilarity, someone found the job description under which I was hired. I thought I’d share. (By the way, anyone else find it highly suspect when NO ONE seems to have your written job description and asking for a copy of it has to be done in hushed tones?)

Position: Employee Portal Administrator
Description: The Employee Portal Administrator will be responsible for managing user groups and portal content within the Employee Portal.

For those who know me, they will all get a great little giggle out of this one. Oh, if only that were what my job actual WAS.

Happy Fucking Tuesday.

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