Friday, August 19, 2005


So, my sister is safely back in Philly, and the Family Fun Extravaganza is at its end. Xtian and I are planning a weekend without plans. Tonight: All About Eve and some beautiful lamb. Tomorrow, probably meet up with Jen to give her the stuff she left at my house.

Jen, Jenn, Xtian and I had dinner last night, before taking Jenn to the airport. So, now my friend Jen has only yet to meet my brother and dad and she'll have met the at least the immediate Coley clan. (Meanwhile Xtian survived the inundation of family just fine. Everyone adores him, and he admitted to be jealous of my family and how close we all are. And I guess it's true. We are a neat group who all genuinely like being together.)

After Jenn (sister) left, Jen, Xtian and I got all hotted up and went into the city for our other friend's (also named Jen, of course she is) band's cd release party. You know, as much as Jen and I both complain about our bodies, we looked slammin' hot. Jen wore my witchy, ruffly black dress that just made every curve in her body look A-MA-ZING, and I had cleavage from here to Cincinnatti. It was excellent.

Many drinks were enjoyed by all, Jen's band kicked ass and tore the roof off the place. Super Sweet. We caught the last BART leaving the city with seconds to spare (no small feat in 6 inch heels. P.S. my feet still ache) and passed out around 3. So you know I'm feeling all over it today. You know, I'm usually such a homebody, I rarely go out after dark. It's good to know I can still rock it out til the early hours. At 23 years of age, I feel like a senior citizen most of the time.

So, someone pass me the Bengay for my arthritis, I'm pulling out a rocking chair and watching the weekend go by.

Fuckin' right.

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