Thursday, August 18, 2005

Genitalia makes excellent naming convention.

Ok, so my new favorite way to watch teevee is find all the obnoxiously named/marketed products in the world. Some of my faves have been documented in these pages: Shimmery Deoderant, Orangina (rhymes with...), Chicken Fries. I saw another commercial that astounded me this morning. I'm sipping my morning coffee, when a commercial for a men's cologne (I think. I really don't know the difference between aftershave and cologne, as it turns out.) called Aqua Velva. Wow, I'm also waiting for High Karate to make a comeback, since everything that sucks is now considered cool. But I digress.
The problem with this commercial is that the announcer says "Velva" in an awkward way. It sounds like Vulva. So, Aqua Vulva. Deeeee-lightful.

Just had to share that. Too ridiculous. Let's call it a day and just include words like "Pussy" "dick" and "tits" into every product name from here on out.

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