Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So, I'm tired why?

Wow! I finally caught up to my workload so that I have time to post. Happy now? That's what I thought.

So, I'm officially freaking tired. Bladder infections just have a way of making life less than fabulous. Who knew?

So my weekend was a big, fat non-stop Family Extravaganza! My older sister got into town last Tuesday, my mom and little sister came to pick her up Thursday afternoon, so we got some excellent girlie time, (made complete by Jenn and Kat throwing straw wrappers down my cleavage. Classic.) My cousin and her daught(incidentally, also my cousin) came down for a visit on Friday. I haven't spent much time with either of them before. My cousin, M had her daughter (henceforth known as A) when she was 17. A is now 15, almost 16. A and my younger sister are only 9 months apart in age. In everything else, they're pretty far apart. It was a different experience to just have the three of us hanging out, with no other family buffers. We had a ton of fun, talking nastiness and giggling ourselves to tears. Much fun was had by all.

Saturday night my brother and dad came into town for the Raider's game. This was only a preseason game, but it was against San Francisco, and so The Battle Of the Bay! Welcome to Football season, ladies and gentlemen. I love football. Any day of the week, I will tell you about how physical sports are ridiculous, macho, sexism and violence inherent etc. Game day rolls around and I'm standing on my couch, cigarette in one hand, drink in the other screaming at the top of my lungs "WHAT THE FUCK?!!! DON'T YOU FUMBLE MY FOOTBALL, ASS!!" Just another layer to the awesome coflicting Coley. Anyhow, so my dad, brother, Xtian and I went to the game,even though Xtian is a 49ers fan, I still like him, which is a big step for me.

So, after having a lovely time at the game, more time with the cousins. Xtian cooked all weekend. It was fabulous. We had a midnight munchfest of chicken quesadillas, chatted while watching bad Lifetime programming and passed out cold. (So, usually I find familial weekend guests to be....oh, what is the word....a drain on my sex life, this weekend had the added "bonus" of the bladder infection that wouldn't die, so my doctor forbade me from having sex. Bah!)

Sunday meant a drive to Chico for the first full family pictures in a long time. My dad just did them with his camera, so unlike every other time, we got to be silly and have fun with it without some "photographer" getting bitchy about wasting time when we're only going to buy a handful of pictures anyway.

I think the pictures turned out well, even though my feelings about my body circulated around the "When did I get to be the fat sibling? Why the hell do I look like shit?" realm. Pictures just bring out the worst in me. I don't know why. Probably because I'm just a little nutty.

My older sister came back to play yesterday, and now I'm so exhausted, I don't know how I'm going to be any fun with her. I think I'm getting sick. Fucking stress. I hate that shit. Everytime I go through a stressful patch (kind of like last week when Xtian had to drag me to work everyday while I whined "I don't want to go. Can't you be rich now so I can be kept in the manner to which I've become accustomed?" Have I mentioned that he's a saint?) I end up with a totally bitchin illness. My body loves me. Or something.

So, to continue the Family Fun Extravaganza, Jenn, Xtian and I are going out to the Burbs for a barbecue with Aunts, cousins etc.

WOOHOOO!! I think Xtian gets to drive home so I can drink. A lot. Because that's what makes an immune system happy.

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