Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Monday

Hello there everyone. So, when last we wrote, we were in a funk (I do mean the royal we, in this case. Because, in case you didn't know, I am apparently royalty. Nice, the narcissism is in full swing). The funk is mostly gone, though still in the background. Thanks to all sending me happy thoughts. It's always amazing to me how many people read our little page here and respond. Thanks. It really does mean a lot.

So, I have a new lady boss. No one has told me that I officially report to her yet, but from what I hear through the grapevine, she's my boss. I love the communication around here. Pretty fantastic. She's now scheduled and then blown off two meetings with me. Like any boss, she wants a "one-on-one" with me to "start things off right." Yeah. Awesome. I like women. I like working with women. But "lady bosses"* or women who think they are lady bosses have had a tendency to talk to me like we are "best friends" and "full partners/equals" meanwhile asking me to do tasks that remind me just how far beneath them I am. Examples? Calling me from their homes so I can look up a phone number for them, or checking their calendars. Mind you, I'm not a secretary, assistant, admin etc. So really, this is an "I'm better than you" maneuver.

Now, I love office politics as much as the next girl (not). But this ickiness has lead to a particularly hilarious thing. You'll all recall CB, my personal pain-in-the-ass? Well, after her meeting with new lady boss, CB came over to bitch to me about new lady boss treating her like a peon, and how weird that "suddenly" there seemed to be a class division in the department. I could scarcely contain the giggles/guffaws arising from my gut. Karma doesn't get any more immediate than this, folks.

*A lady boss is not just any random woman who happens to have direct reports. This is a special designation that in no way extends to the larger female corporate population.

So I had a nice weekend, overall. Some good drinks, some good snuggle time, still some of my same insanity sprinkled throughout, but overall really good.

Yeah, gotta get back to work now. Have a fabulous Monday, y'all.

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