Friday, August 5, 2005

Another month has passed, must be time for my department to move again....

So today is fucked up for several reasons:

  1. My department is moving to another office....AGAIN. For those keeping track this is move number 3 in 8 months. And of course, I'm "coordinating" of the move. For those who don't speak "corporate-ese" Coordinator is another word for team mom. I have to clean up after everyone, make sure they've done their work, then make sure everyone is "emotionally" ok with the move. Seriously irritating.
  2. Today is Jen's last day. *sigh* So, no one left to make eye contact with during a meeting and knowing they are thinking the same thing you are: "Who the fuck are these people, and how exactly have they lived this long without someone smacking the hell out of them?"
  3. Due to Jen's leaving, I'm now in charge of her job. So, a little stress in that, I'm just sure all the training we've done over the last two weeks will have evaporated from my head by Monday. I can't wait.
  4. Xtian had to go out of town today to deal with some probationary crap. The problem: he left at 6 am (in my truck with my ATM card, and yes, the answer is that I am a total sucker), arrived in Chico at 9:30, and I haven't heard from him since. Normally, this would not worry me. However, he's been schvitzing about it for the last 3 days, so now I am too. He didn't have any reason to think anything would go wrong, but when you are on probation, you can be held by police for any reason at any time. So, it's now after 3 pm and I'm a ball of nerves and having palpitations every time the phone rings or the door opens. I hate to get all clingy girlfriend over here, but......


Co-Worker Irritations:
So, yesterday we had a "Farewell" lunch for Jen. Several things were irritating surrounding this. Don't take this the wrong way, it was good that someone brought up having some kind of gathering for her. She's the best, and she is definitely already missed around here. But, as I mentioned previously, our department is high school. The popular girls all start showing up to say goodbye like you've always been the bestest friends. *giggle* Anyhow. So,Wednesday while I'm in Jen's office learning how to do her job, CB walks up and asks what's going on with the lunch tomorrow. I respond that I didn't know there was a lunch, that no one had told me about it. I get to work on Thursday to find an email asking me to call her with the lunch details. Because, evidently, I'm her personal assistant. So I email back saying I hadn't heard anything about it.

When it's time to head to the lunch, only Jen myself and our manager head to the restaurant, because the Gruesome Threesome are not to be found. Jen, manager and I make awkward chitchat for about 45 minutes before finally ordering food. 20 minutes after that MS and KG show up, without apologies, and order. CB manages to show up after the check has been paid, and whines about how tired she is. That's the show of camaraderie I was hoping for. Well done department. Well done.

Ok, so while sitting here trying NOT to freak the fuck out about the fact that it's now over SIX HOURS since I last heard from Xtian (you remember, the man who currently has my truck, my ATM card and my heart) I will let y'all know how the living situation is going.

In an effort to keep it at the PG-13 level, here's what I can tell you...oops, can't tell you that.....nope that either......oh so last night we went to the barn with Jen and Xtian got to meet Jack, who was a total butthead, but I still love that horse. And the only other PG-13 thing that happened was...oh, I ate a sugar-free fudgcicle. Oh, and even that sounds dirty now. Damn it. Let's just say, good times are being had by all, and I haven't slept more than a few hours at a time since he moved in. Can I get a "hell yes"?

I've forgotten how comforting it is to go home to someone at night. My cats, lovely though they are, don't really care about my day. So long as they get food, water and I pet them for at least 3 hours a day, they really don't care about much. Xtian, on the other hand, calls me pretty and misses me all day. *le sigh* I've become a total sap. But dont' worry kids, the cynic is still alive and well.

Evidence of this being the terrible thoughts going through my head right now:
Scenario A: Xtian has stolen my truck, and my ATM card and is in the process of running off with an unnamed, certainly much thinner than I, woman.
Scenario B: His appointment was held at the originally appointed time, so he won't be home until well after 9 pm.
Scenario C: His appointment happened just as he thought, he went back to Chico, started hanging out with his friends, decided that living with me sucked, but having my car was certainly convenient, and so will be staying in Chico, keeping my car and my ATM card.
Scenario D: He has had an accident and is stranded on the side of the road, possibly bleeding to death.

These are but a few of the possible reasons he hasn't called that are going through my head. As we can see, my imagination is overactive. Notice, all but one of these scenarios involve him leaving me? You can just smell the insecurity, can't you?

Ok, me freaking out is not accomplishing anything. I'm going to go get drunk now. Because, that sounds like a far more effective thing to do.

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