Monday, August 1, 2005

THE Move, workaday blues, etc

So, the move in happened. In my usual delusional/fatalistic way, I assumed something would happen preventing the move. But all went well. Xtian is here in Oakland, and so far, it's been fabulous. I've missed coming home to someone. We spent Saturday unpacking and settling. Sarah drove down with a carful of Xtian's more precious belongings, so she stayed the night. Jen came over (friend, not sister) and we went to Yoshi's, where I'd always had a delightful time. This time, not so much. Service just sucked. That's always so disappointing. Not only that, Jen and my sushi tasted fishy, and had bad texture. These are not good things. But whatever.

The rest of the evening was spent playing drinking games and getting more than a little tipsy. Awesome. I love when you have various people in your life that you just adore, then get them all together and it works. Xtian got rave reviews from Jen and Sarah. Which is excellent. Sarah usually dislikes everyone I like, because as it turns out, she's more perceptive and less able to ignore "asshole-ness" than I. Even she just loves him, and threatened me that if I don't hold on to this one, she'll kill me. WARNING!! VERY SICKENING WRITING: And this is the sappiest thing in the world, but I have to share it. At one point, Sarah and I ran into a store, leaving Jen and Xtian in the car alone. Xtian turns to Jen and tells her that he is absolutely crazy about me. *sigh* I am the sappy sucker I used to make fun of.

Sunday was spent lounging about, periodically running errands because, damn it, I had to come to work today and leave my cozy lovenest. Highlight of the day: spooning on my couch watching A Streetcar Named Desire which turned into an extended nap in the arms of my lover. Just awesome.

Work Notes:
So, Jen is leaving me (Have I mentioned this? I can't recall. Screw it. I'm so happy for her, but so sad for me. Yes, I am a selfish prick.). She's also spending the rest of the week training me to do her job. I'm totally looking forward to this. Really, I'm thrilled to do any work that isn't scheduling a meeting and having to remind people that I'M NOT A RECEPTIONIST OR SECRETARY. Here's where the hilarity comes in:
Jen gave her two weeks notice while our manager and the Gruesome Threesome were out of state. So, when they return, they stop by Jen's office, one by one. All of them tell her how happy they are for her, how much her skills and personality will be missed blah blah blah. Today, however, it's back to only the most obligatory of nods. Excellent. We work with the "pretty cheerleaders" who only deem it necessary to speak with us in the most dire of cirumstances. Nice. Having done their duty to say nice things to the person leaving, *whew* they can get back to being themselves. Have I mentioned that I'm growing to hate this place?

My older sister is coming out to California for 10 days. I haven't spent any good sister time with her for a long time. We always had other people around, or there were weird circumstances. Unfortunately, I have to work the whole time she'll be around, but I can lose some sleep for a week. I'm thinking that she'll probably end up getting more quality time with Xtian than with me, but what can you do? More on this later, probably.

And with that, I'm going home to a beautiful man who treats me like a queen. *sigh* Sorry guys, happiness has stunted my sarcasm today. I'm overflowing optimism.

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