Monday, June 27, 2005

Rough weeks and headaches, a connection?

How do? It's Monday. Freaking awesome. Last week was rough, and this week isn't looking better so far. How was last week rough? Glad you asked, because I was going to bitch about it anyway. Well, lot's of work, which wouldn't necessarily be bad, except for a few things making it impossible to work:

  • Wednesday: A quick staff meeting reveals that the only real reason I can stand my job may be gone. I dislike my job. All tasks associated with this job I find unfulfilling, unchallenging and irritating. But I have a manager for whom I would do any ridiculously obnoxious task. He is the kindest man I have ever known, and it's been nice working with a manager who I know would support me and wish me well in any endeavor. This is not a department where the manager rides us to perform so he looks good. He honestly just wants to make our department and all members therein successful. It's been a pleasure to work with him, and he may be leaving us.
  • Thursday: Migraine time. Enough said.
  • Friday: still residual migraine and my computer caught a delightful virus. Spec-freaking-tacular. I called IT so they could fix my computer. They show up, ask to see the KP asset tag. When I explain that this computer doesn't have one, but is not my personal computer, they tell me they can't do anything. I whine and bitch for a few minutes and they agree to at least look at my computer. Do you want to know what they did? Really? Do you? They ran my Norton Anti-virus.


    I totally see why they work in IT. Amazing. So, they leave me without a computer and no way to do any work.

So as we can clearly see, nothing was getting done last week. It took me until this afternoon to finally get my computer into any kind of usable shape. And I'm a tech-idiot. I'm pretty sure I could run the IT department here, and that is saying something.

Ok, so, I'm listening to music to make the conversations of the new people less irritating, and Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back just came on. This is my theme song. Any girl with an ass like shelf has to shake it this song. I can barely keep myself from jumping onto my desk to ghetto-booty it up.

Best line: I wanna get you home and UH, double up UH UH.
Just beautiful.

So with the first migraine since leaving Milwaukee come all the various headaches. I've always been prone to headaches. One could say my weeks are punctuated with headsplitting pain. I've always been this way, but hadn't had a headache in a long time. This is sucking. I'd forgotten how hard it is to do anything with a headache. Time to start medicating myself into oblivion.

Oh kick ass. The ear piercing, high frequency squeal has started. I know it's not actually happening, but my ears start hearing this terribly high tone, like a dial tone, but way higher. Fun fun.

I'm in the mood for self-pity and whining. Forgive me.

On the plus side, my baby sister is coming for a visit this weekend. Three full days of sister-ness. This will be delightful, I always have such fun with my little twin. She's not really my twin, but looks just like me, only 7 years younger and, much much thinner than I am. In order to get a clearer picture of my sister I will copy and paste the email I received from her last night:


That is all.

Welcome to my family.

So, with doing almost no work last week, and only having my computer back for the last two hours, what am I doing? Writing a long, meaningless entry in my blog. I rock.

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