Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wow, this is one gay heavy entry.

I'm very opinionated. I'm also a little aggro and very passionate. All this combines to make me the worst person to discuss politics with. I know this, and so have been making concerted efforts to not talk about a lot of rather...oh what is the word....divisive, I guess, issues. But I finally have to let some shit fly.

1. Sarah called me last night, in order to share her outrage. (note: Last time I saw Sarah I was very drunk after consuming an enormous amount of rum. I thought I'd kept a handle of myself, until Sarah called last week. During the course of the conversation she refers to a conversation we, apparently, had during drunkfest. Something to the effect of "Well, like I said Nicole, you're welcome to my eggs. You can harvest them yourself." Evidently my constant nagging fear that I won't be able to have children came out that night. Excellent.) Sarah is taking a speech class, wherein they had to pick a rather hotbutton issue to discuss. Sarah began looking into surrogate motherhood, per our conversation while completely shitfaced. While researching, she came upon this little nugget of idiocy: The FDA has determined that gay men are not allowed to donate sperm to sperm repositories. What?
I can only imagine two scenarios that could possibly have come into play in this decision. The first being AIDs. The world still likes to pretend that AIDs is a gay thing, and so makes laws and regulations that discriminate in the name of safety. However, since all sperm is screened for communicable diseases, this should not be necessary.
The other scenario is a misguided belief that being gay is either genetic or can be "caught." I'm going to say this once and for all: YOU CAN'T CATCH GAY! It's not a disease, it's not a bad thing, there are not intrinsic safety issues that only effect gay people.

Not only that, how do they know that someone is gay when they come in to donate? Is it a self-select thing? Or is there a "You must be this straight to donate" sign? Or better yet, a "gay" test, where a woman gets naked, and you are banned if you aren't sufficiently aroused?

I'm so angry here, I can't even describe. I hate people.

On a separate but connected issue: In the last few days two more countries have legalized gay marriage. Both Canada and Spain have passed laws making same-sex marriages legal. I've never been so proud to be half-Canadian.

You know what is the best part about these new developments? Not one heterosexual marriage dissolved due to the new laws. Marriage did not cease to exist because *gasp* two persons with similar genitalia can now be legally married! I know, all the fundamentalist assholes out there are just shaking their heads in defeat and shame at the thought of it. "Damn communists, that's what they are" I can almost here my grandfather say. Maybe, one day, will the U.S. stop trying to legislate morality and stop being run by people so afraid of their own sexuality, they've practically neutered themselves. And religion will be a choice for people to make for themselves, not for our government to shove upon us, while pretending we have an ammendment to our Constitution that separates Church and State.

But alas, I'm dreaming. And I'm ranting. My apologies. Once I begin talking social and political issues, it's hard to shut it off.

In a more "Office Space" tangent: I sit at the irritating "receptionist" workstation, because, hey, someone has to. This desk faces the door to our suite, and has a wierd countertop/bar for one of the walls. This causes a whole host of issues. Not the least of these issues: people feel the need to lean on it, and talk to eachother. Like they would at their favorite neighborhood bar. Mind you, they are doing this less than two feet from my face. Too close to ignore, but they aren't talking to me. No no.
Also, people have started actually performing work tasks on this counter. They are writing notes, stapling things, laying out maps to show and discuss with others etc.
Can we say "irritating?"
And for the last rant: now people are just leaving things on this counter. As though it were a public "stacking" place. I've started just throwing things away. I'm sure this will cause a problem somewhere along the way, but for now, it makes me feel better in a really passive-aggressive kind of way.
That's all I have the energy for today. Xtian called at midnight last night (or this morning), and since I was already awake, decided to talk for a while. I'm so smart sometimes, I amaze myself.

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