Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blargh. Who needs a drink?

Unbelievably busy at work lately. Yet am so exhausted, all I can bring myself to do is stare at some spreadsheets for a while, then wander off and read other people's blogs. I am awesome. Apparently.

So, for the last few days, I've been having really vivid weird dreams that stick with me all day. I have no idea what/why. Ooh, I have a dream book somewhere at home. A person more interested in learning and less interested than boring any poor blog reader would just look up meanings. I however, am not more interested in learning. So, I will give you the gist of my dreams. Enjoy.

There are two types of dreams going on. 1) My parent/s die, in some dreams both of them die, and then in others only my mom dies. Not sure why my dad never dies on his own in my dreams. My parents are 49 years old, and in no way in poor health. In these dreams I do not watch them die, rather I get the phonecall, and have to tell the rest of the family, then take care of all the arrangements and am now in charge of my youngest sister, as she is only 16.

Now, I get the parental death thing. My big stress right now is the Xtian moving in thing, most pressingly, telling my parents that he's moving in. So,I'm seeing the parental death thing. But why is the bulk of the dream all about me taking care of the arrangements? Probably because even in my dreams, it's all about ME. (Narcissism, what?)
2) Either I'm having inappropriate sex with someone, or I've just discovered my unnamed lover is. For example: last night I dreamt that both my older sister and I had sex with the son of friends of my parents. I never had particular fondness or any feelings at all, really, about this kid, but whatever. So in my dream, my sister and I go with my parents to visit this kids family. While visiting, I go to one room, my sister into another. This kid, named Rex, goes to one room, then the other, having sex with both me and my sister. Afterwards, the three of us are hanging out together, but neither me nor my sister has our clothing, and Rex refuses to give our clothes to us. Meanwhile the whole time we are freaked out that our parents will walk in and find us naked.
I have no idea.

More evidence that I'm a little nutty.

I'm heading home this weekend for father's day. So now I'm making my father a sign that says "Shut up, please. I'm very busy and important." I find it hilarious, as does my mother. Huzzah for misusing KP materials and time.

Righty-O, I'm off then. Have a delightful weekend.

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