Friday, April 29, 2005


Can we tell that I have little/nothing to do at work this week? Posting everyday, a few times a day. What a loser.

The other night I went grocery shopping with my friend/coworker. Normally this would not be newsworthy (Imagine the headlines Coley Buys Food, Way Too Much Food that would have to be the worst day in news ever) except the store she introduced me to is Whole Foods, nee Whole Paycheck.


This store will be the death of me. My love of food is absurd, but now there is a store that I can find with insane amounts of fabulous food. My bank account is weeping with the thought of it. The meat counter....had buffalo. BUFFALO! We went back to her new home (hopefully my new home in a few months....muwahahahaha!*) and made buffalo steaks and all sorts of delightfulness. And of course killed a bottle of wine betwixt the two of us. "Winos?" you may be asking yourself. The answer, of course we are, but who the hell are you to judge us?

Anyhow.....Oh yeah, so buffalo kicks ass. And cooking dinner with people = way more fun than just cooking for yourself.

*Ok, just reread that section, sounds really creepy in an "I plan to kill the current tenant, cut her into small pieces and keep her stored in the closet" kind of way. What I MEANT was that I'm thinking of taking it over whenever her lease is up. Sheesh.

So, I was talking to some people the other day about the sad state of the news media in our country. One of these delightful ladies was relating a news story the teaser for which went something like "Is there really a devil?! Find out when news at 5 goes deep undercover!" I thought that was rather odd and laughed hysterically, until listening to the news while getting ready for work this morning. A "top story" on the news: who was voted off of American Idol. I'm at a loss. Reporting on American Idol? Seriously? I'm moving to an uninhabited island.

My friend and coworker has turned me on to reading the Missed Connections on Craig's List. I highly recommend checking this out, with one caveat: it is absolutely addictive. Like a narcissistic asshole I'm scouring the listings for any possibility that I'm mentioned. What a sucker.

Craig's List is awesome, by the way. Just read the random crap on there. Ri-goddamn-diculous. Jen found this today. Oh. My. Gawd. This is the skeeziest sounding thing I've heard in a long time. I almost want to show up at this event just to see the caliber of people involved. Honestly.
So, now that I've done only the bare minimum of work today, I'm heading home to await my aunt and sister's arrival. I'm totally stoked. I can't even sit still. A weekend of debauchery with two of my favorite family members? Kick ass.

Have a delightful weekend. Enjoy the sun if you've got it.

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