Thursday, January 27, 2005

Move in Day...Or as I like to call it, why my Landlord SUCKS

I really don't know how much I have to say. I never do when I sit down to write, not much of a planner apparently.

MMM! I have a pizza in the oven (from scratch, my friends, dough included) and it smells absolutely divine. Finishing my first drink of the night (I do love rum!) and about to pour a glass of wine, which seems more appropriate to drink when one is alone.

Oops, time to check the pizza.....crap, forgot the wine.....and I'm back.

So, it may be time to share the moving story. Not the moving back to California story, the moving into apartment story.

I'd been working in Oakland for about a month and I finally had the cash to get an apartment. Before that I was staying in the spare room of an aunt's house. So I look for a place within walking distance to work, and it needed to allow pets. (Can't go anywhere without the kitties). I find one, it's within my price range and looks nice enough. So I go to view it, put down a deposit and set the move in date.

The apartment is owned by the current tenant (let's call her Charyn, if you can pronounce that correctly) and she has assured me that she'll be out. The next week ( a few days before move-in day) I call Charyn to check-in. I explain that I'll be going to Chico on Friday night, and return early Saturday morning. I explain that I'll be coming from 3 hours away with all my stuff, and should be arriving at about 10 am.

So I drive home, me and my family are up until 11 pm loading up all my stuff. We leave at 7 am. We get to Oakland at 10 am. As agreed, I call Charyn to let her know we are here so she can give me the keys.

I'm standing on the street outside of my new building. Here is what happens from my father's perspective.

"I hand my daughter the phone, she dials. 'Hi Charyn, it's Nicole. I'm here....I don't have a cell phone....The number you had is my work number....I don't think you understand.....' the anger is building, she's about to destroy something...'Charyn, I don't think you understand....I AM HERE RIGHT NOW! MY FAMILY IS HERE RIGHT NOW!! ALL MY STUFF IS HERE, RIGHT NOW!' At this point I take the phone. And have to hold her back. She informs the family that Charyn left a message asking for another day. Yeah. That's going to happen." I find out later, that the message was left at my parent's house at 9 am. NINE AM! What part of "I'll be coming from 3 hours away, and arriving at 10 am" is so hard to understand????

So that's if my dad was telling it. Here's how it ended up, me and my family moving my landlord out of MY APARTMENT. We spent 3 hours moving her out, and about an hour moving me in.

Not only are we moving her out, but then we have to load all her crap into OUR vehicles and driving it to her new place.

Then I discover that she left the place trashed. I mean trashed. There are dead COCKROACHES in my new home. She hasn't cleaned, she hasn't painted, she has basically not done anything that LEGALLY she has to.

It was just a little ridiculous. So I spent weeks cleaning obsessively and getting rid of bug infestations and smells.

EWWWWW!! I'm grossed out thinking about it.

OK Pizza is done time to eat.

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