Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Time to Reevaluate Your Life....

Or as I like to call it, the day before your birthday. So where am I in life? I've completely dropped everything that used to be important to me, and have switched directions. I used to spend all my time working to support my little family in Milwaukee, between my actual job(s), cooking, cleaning, doing all the shopping and generally maintaining everyone else's happiness, I didn't do much for myself. Which would explain the weight gain over the last several years. (I suppose all the drinking didn't help much with that either, though).

So where does my time go now? Good question. I've become a bit of a workaholic. I spend about 10 hours a day working at my job, then I get to come home, snuggle the kitties, relax, and enjoy making myself dinner, sipping a glass of wine and doing some pilates (yep, move to California, it's like a requirement: yoga or pilates).

I have the at least once a week date with Wahab (never on the weekend of course, but more on that later). I'm still struggling with my inner-shy-person to get out and meet people, but we're moving forward.

Overall I think I'm pretty happy with my life. Actually being able to spend some "Me" time has helped (at least I've lost some weight) to really get me comfortable with my own company.

Now for the areas I still need to figure out: Dating.

I have no idea how to date. Every person I've dated over the last ten years has gone something like this: we spend an evening together, usually end up sleeping together, which leads to spending the next day together, which leads to more of the same. Within 10 days, the L-word is thrown about (always by him, folks) and then we are "together."

So actual dating is not a skill I possess. The Wahab thing is kind of odd, I am being paranoid, but I get the feeling I've become a booty call. This is different for me, because usually I am the one making the booty call. It sucks to be on the other end of that. (I need sex more than just once a week, thank you very much).

Now, in my first instance of non-exclusive dating, a guy at my grocery store asked me out. The problem: after I've given him my phone number, he leaks into the conversation a few facts which lead me to believe he is INAPPROPRIATELY young. Like 18-years-old-young. I'm done dating guys in their early 20's (they all still want a mom for heaven sake) let alone some 18 year old who lives with his PARENTS!

Although, maybe he'll be good in bed. And who am I to say "no" to a good roll?

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