Friday, January 7, 2005

First Dates and Other Irritations

So I've made mention of my swift departure from the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. Now for the back story:

My freshman year at Marquette I met a guy, we'll call him Mike, because that is his name. We were friends all year, but both in doomed long-term, long-distance relationships. Sophomore year we ran into eachother again, were both single and started dating. Three months later, we were engaged. Fast forward to July 2004. The wedding planning is underway. We live together and my brother came to live with us the year before. Things are good, on the surface. We have some fights, some differences etc. Then we bring everything to a head where he admits that he's not sure if he wants children, at least within the decade. I admit the only reason I considered marriage was to have kids, soon. That's just one issue. So, you can see, it just wasn't going to happen.

We broke up on Wednesday, on Saturday I'm in my truck, with my dad (say what you will about him, as soon as I told him I was coming home, he'd booked a flight to drive across country in my tiny truck with me and two cats), on I-80 Westward bound.

So, long story short (I know, a little too late for that) I ended my engagement about 6 months ago. I spent the first month being upset. The following week, I was angry. By the middle of August, I'm still a little tender, but moving on.

I spent the summer (and part of the fall) putting my life back together. I had a few flings, but really wasn't interested in dating.

Fast forward to December 2004. I'm quite tipsy after a rocking holiday party. I'm out at a club with some people (children of friends of my aunt) and end up dancing with this guy. I give him my number (I know, I was certainly tipsy as I normally do not ever give out my number) thinking he'll never call and I'll be safe to continue my celibate life.

Except...he calls.

We go on a date (drinking wine at his apartment). It's fun. We get along. But without fail, I get the "So, what brought you back to California?" And what guy wouldn't run screaming for the hills when he hears that his 22 year old date is just out of a betrothal?

To his credit, this one didn't.

Date #2 also went well. We talk, I spend the night. (Hey, good for me, waited until the second date.) Thing is, I think I really like him. Which means it's about time for him to never call me again. I've never been into "dating" as it were. I've been a total serial-monogamist (which is funny, because I'm not really into commitment) and I don't know the rules or games that go with dating.

I know, this is a common thing, and complaining about dating is so cliche and so 1990's. But screw you, I'm processing here.

Anyhow, back to the grind for me. Turns out I'm a workaholic who now can't help but get to work at least an hour before everyone else. Enjoy your day, everyone. I'll try to be a little more consistent in writing, but since my home computer is very sick, I'm left with work computer and rarely any time between 7 and 7 to write. Ah well, such is life.

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