Thursday, October 21, 2010

I heart stay at home spouse.

Feeling a little rundown as illness threatens to take over my system.

But, an update was in order, not that anyone still reads this anymore. At this point it's kind of my own personal diary in which to mumble on about myself every couple months. Whatever.

Out of nowhere, it seems that Lennox is 8 months old, and Warren is closing in on three. I don't know how it happens. Life continues on in a good way. Work is relatively calm these days. Some good projects on the horizon, wrapped up my big project with only a handful of loose ends to handle.

Can I tell you how awesome it is to have Xtian staying home with the kids these days? Having a stay-at-home spouse is f'ing phenomenal. I can totally see why men have tried to get their women to stay home all these years. Things just get done! If an errand needs to be run, he can do it during the day! If we need someone to come fix something, I don't have to figure out how to arrange my work to allow me to be home at the right time. It's incredible. And the kids seem to like it too. They have their routines and their fun trips to story time, or the various and sundry parks all over this town.

Of course, financially this won't be able to last forever. Not quite yet. But, it has been helpful to see that we are really close to making this our permanent reality. And that it works for us. If we had a little more money to spare, I'd love to get Warren into a 2 day a week preschool or something. I think Xtian could use the little break and Warren would really like the socialization. We don't really have friends with kids nearby enough who are also available during the day for a playgroup. So, that's one thing I think we could improve upon. But maybe soon.

I'm really pretty happy these days. And once we get out of this godforsaken rental home, I'll be 100% thrilled. The house is fine, the landlord is just such a pain. I think I'll leave the landlord sucks story for another day. Mama needs some tea and an early bed time.


cassee01 said...

Glad things are going good!

Jennifer Lucita said...

I read your blogs still! And enjoy them :) Better late than never...