Tuesday, February 2, 2010

two year olds are irritating

So, still pregnant, but work is definitely calmer. After weeks of threatening, I am officially off all other projects. I am not communicating about any other projects, I am not "pitching in", I am not offering my help. So, all I have left is the book-rewrite that will never die. But at the very least, I will no longer be showing up to work as of next Monday.

I am trying to be zen about the due date. And frankly, the biggest freakout is over the fact that if I show up to my last prenatal appointment still pregnant they will be scheduling a c-section. And I so do not want a c-section. So, I feel like I'm under the gun here. And of course, every day I show up to work, I have no fewer than 30 people asking "You're still here?" "Still haven't popped yet, eh?" and other such things. Which, you can imagine, is incredibly irritating. But most people don't get it, so it's not fair to kill them over it.

Warren is completely obnoxious these days. I think it's a combination of being two years old, being a little sick, and the overwhelming sense that something big is coming. Every single setback (such as having to wait all of 8 seconds while the DVD player turns on so he can watch the Muppet show, like he asked) turns him into a fit throwing, whiny ball of horror. I'm working really hard to not react in anger and show the little shit some patience. But my lord, whining just triggers my smacking reflex. This phase passes, right?

So, hopefully we'll have a baby within the next 58 hours and can avoid the whole horrifying surgical situation. And maybe Warren will get over the whining phase really fast so he can keep his baby teeth for a few more years. (Just kidding. Mostly).

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Faith said...

Is it sick and sad that all I can think about right now is how excited I am to find out whether it's a girl or a boy? :D

Scheduling the c-section, and actually having to perform it are two different things. I have a friend on my message board that's at 36.5 weeks right now, and she has the same fears about the doctors scheduling the c-section for you guys. Unless there's clearly something unsafe going on, I can't imagine that y'all dont have more of a say in something like that happening. Unless you went dumb and mute at some point during this pregnancy in which case...::points and laughs::