Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

This weekend was fabulous. Friday afternoon was spent going to various appointments with my brother (needing a ride, and moral support), then we all came over to my house, ate some awesome dinner, and after we put Warren to bed, I accompanied Xtian in taking my brother home. And along the way, Xtian had a glorious idea: let's stop and get a little drink. Hell, the kid's taken care of, it's Friday night, what the hell? Like real grown ups and everything.

We finished out the night with grocery shopping at 11 pm (thank you, 24 hour grocery stores!). The store was filled with lone men feverishly picking up Valentine's Day essentials (strawberries and pancake mix, chocolates and steaks etc). We got home, put groceries away and went to bed.

As a couple, we've never really made a big deal out of Valentine's Day. I'm not one for sentimental expressions, and Xtian prefers to just do nice things for eachother all year, rather than make every romantic expectation hinge on this ONE NIGHT. Too much pressure, and really, can't we just be loving to our partners all the time, instead of being dicks all year, then using one day to make up for it?

So, we parted ways with a Kiss and a wave Saturday morning, and I drove to Santa Rosa to spend the weekend at Sarah's. Awesome. We shopped, we did crossword puzzles and giggled, we went to her students' monthly Variety show (incidentally, Santa Rosa? You have amazing high school students. Just incredible), then off to stuff our faces with sushi and sake.
We climbed into bed at 10:30, completely exhausted. And I was not awoken by a crying, whining baby even once. (A kind of annoying cat a couple of times, but I didn't have to do anything to soothe him, so still a vacation).

Sunday was a harrowing drive through a huge storm, which was fun when driving the vehicular equivalent to a beach ball (lots of surface area, but with little actual weight behind it). But I got home safely, and spent the day being charmed by a sweet little baby. Who of course, is back to waking up a few times a night needing comfort. Damn you Sleep Regressions! Just when you think you've got this parenting thing down, the entire game changes.

But a wholly satisfying weekend, nonetheless. Huzzah!

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