Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Babies, can't live with them...

I think Warren is starting to wean himself. And while part of me is so glad to get to have my body all to myself again, I'm also feeling like he's a little tiny baby, and it's the only thing he and I have that is special, that Xtian can't do. It was the only way I was preferable to Dada, and now he's just too busy for it. Does everyone feel that way? Or is it especially hard because I'm not his primary care giver? Do stay at home moms get as upset? Or is it just one more thing that I'm making myself crazy over? Because, clearly, if I don't have five sources of freak out every moment of my life, I die. I just fall down and die.

We're officially on a nursing schedule of first thing in the morning (though, I usually have to wake him for it before I leave, he's not getting up for it), sometimes when I get home in the evening (but that usually lasts about 10 seconds, I think it's mostly for his comfort and a way to reconnect at the end of a long separation), and sometimes he nurses for a minute before bed. I think he likes the idea of nursing, since he will pull on my shirt and say "na- na" often, but then wanders off once he nurses for a second.

Are you hearing this internet? I'm a creepy mother of sons. This? This right here? Is how women who only have male children become those creepy overbearing, overly-clingy women who chase their sons all over the country, begging them to call! I can't have it. I will accept this latest rejection stoically, like the millions of women who have gone before me.

Does this mean I can start drinking more than my one drink per evening? Bring on the rum!

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Faith said...

Yeah, seriously...bring on tha rum! Because the rest of that post? I don't get it. ::shaking head:: Not one bit.

I'm sure that's not too shockingto ya, though. ;)