Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ugh. Tuesday.

I finally got freaked out enough to call the cranio-facial specialists. No easy task since they are a specialty group, and clearly don't have a phone number published anywhere I can find it. But, a few phone calls, and I have the information I'm looking for.
They didn't even get Warren's file and referral until 11:24 pm on Friday night. So, today is the earliest they would have even looked at it. From here, they'll figure out what tests need to be done, set those up with me, and after all the lab/imaging work is done, then we'll see the specialists. I should have some stuff scheduled this week. Which is good, since everything I read about this thing says TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! So far, I've avoided looking at any surgery, pre or post, pictures available. From what I've read the swelling and bruising is pretty horrific, and sometimes involves the kid wearing a helmet until their a year old. And that part freaks me out a lot. The only thing most people want for a kid this little is a carefree experience where they get to learn and grow and explore like any other kid. And when there's a kid in a helmet, they are the weird kid. It's not nice, but it's true. And I really don't want Warren to be treated any differently by anyone.

For better or for worse, I've decided not to tell the extended family about this yet. My parents know, and my siblings know (and I guess the whole internet, but whatever) but I don't really want to tell EVERYONE until we have a better idea of what will have to happen. So, if anyone reading this knows my family at all, keep it zipped, eh?

I'm really glad we'll be heading up to Chico this weekend. After the last couple weeks, I could do with some family time. It'll be great to not have to be the emotional caretaker for everyone for a few days. And even better, we're going to a wedding. I love weddings. And this is even better, it's for old people! (Well, old like, as in over 50). My mom's best friend from middle school is marrying the man she dated in high school. (They dated in high school, broke up, each married other people, subsequently got divorced, then reconnected a few years ago, hundreds of miles from where they lived, started dating, and now are getting married. I just love their story!) Older people weddings are so much nicer and more fun than 20/30 something weddings. There's less pressure, it's not about being the social event of the year, it's just about two people celebrating their love with all their friends. I just love it.
Also, my mom mentioned to me that the first time the woman got married, I was a new baby. Now the second time she gets married, I HAVE the new baby. Kind of fun, the little life cycles.

I hate Tuesdays worse than Mondays. Is this week over yet? Because I'm tired and cranky. Would it be totally inappropriate to take a muscle relaxer and just drift through the rest of today?
Probably. Damn it.


Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

i have been looking at sites that talk about cranio.. and it seems that the surgery and the waiting are the worst part. The recovery is long but they have a lot of sucess stories about this operation. And wearing a helmet for a year is not that long.
I know this sucks but im just trying to see the light at the end.
Warren will always be beautiful and cool because he is your baby!

meghan...or is it? said...

I think if we get him some cool stickers for his helmet he'll be the most badass baby on the block. I'll try to grab a Harley 105th one this summer!!

jen said...

i figured i'd throw in that having a muscle relaxant and chilling the rest of the day is totally acceptable!

Coley said...

Dude, is it already the 105th Harley? Feels like just last week I was at the 100th. *sigh* The time, she flies.
Nat, yeah, that's what I keep seeing too. And we'll know the extent of the issue soon enough. Fingers crossed that only one suture is affected, and that it's not causing any brain issues yet.

If only I didn't have a 70 mile, round trip commute everyday, the muscle relaxant would be my go to. (Does that make me sound like a pill popper? Like I care...):D

Faith said...

"and I guess the whole internet, but whatever"


Ok, when you get a chance (you know, in your spare time that you seem to have tons of...:P), you might check out Statia's blog over at It's So Not About You. She has a little one that had a cranial issue that required the wearing of a helmet. And her kid was at walking stage by the time they had to do it. She might be able to provide some insight into how to deal with that kind of stuff. She's really cool about emailing, and all. She was always there for me when I was dating, and drunk emailing her after bad internet dates, or when I was going through all my stuff with Fucktard at the bar before I met my Leo. She's a cool chick.

I hope your Wednesday is going better than your Tuesday did!

Coley said...

ooh, thanks for the recommendation Faith. I'm totally going to have to look her up. Er, or click her link.