Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm going to punch that Bleeker kid in the Weiner next time I see him.

So, for my birthday yesterday, I got a pretty damned good present. The Patriots LOST the Superbowl! It was pretty much awesome.

After my declaration of No More Drama, clearly, we had to light our house on fire. This was last week, on Xtian's birthday. In an attempt to light the barbecue, the boys realized they were out of lighter fluid and thought gasoline would make a handy replacement. A visit from the fire department, and a big hole in the side of our rented home later, they figured out they were wrong. So, that sucked, and will continue to suck, as we discovered that our landlord's insurance company is trying really hard to not cover the damages. It's either that, or they'll charge back any costs directly to us. So, either way, we're pretty screwed. Hope Warren likes Top Ramen, because that's all we'll be eating for the next few years. Fuck.

But all that aside, it's all good. Warren's sitting next to me, talking to the blinds, waiting for the "fun" parent to come back. I think my friend Nathalie talked about this. Warren only wants me when he's sad, or so tired he can't keep it together anymore. Dad is here for all the fun, giggling and smiling. Not that I'm bitter. Really, watching Xtian's face light up at the sight of Warren, and watching Warren break into a huge gummy grin at the sight of his daddy is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. It makes me cry a little bit, in a good way.

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