Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did I mention that all I think about are babies?

Turns out, babies don't really understand logical reasoning. Warren's been fighting sleep hard these days. Apparently, sleep is death, and he's raging against the dying light. When he's well-rested, he's one of the happiest babies you've ever seen. He smiles and giggles and coos and makes my heart squeal in delight. When he's tired, he pouts and grunts and cries until I start to understand why people shake babies. (I don't condone it, but I understand.) So while I try to explain to Warren that if he'll just sleep for a few hours, he'd be so much happier, he fully ignores me. Damn kid is his own worst enemy.

Every morning, Warren and I get up, I feed him, then lay him on the bed while I putz around and get a little organized for the day. While laying on the bed, Warren stares intently at the window blinds and chatters. I don't know what it is about the blinds, but he can talk to them for a good half hour, uninterrupted. It's kind of adorable. My sister says he sounds like a character from The Dark Crystal, and I can't really disagree.

Xtian has a pair of shorts that are absolutely horrible. They are a pinky orange color, and don't really fit him, and he'd never be seen outside the house wearing them. He calls them his Lazy Shorts. When the shorts are on, he's not doing shit. The shorts can even be the answer to questions. "Xtian, what do you want to do today?" All he needs to do, is point to the shorts, and the answer is clear: nothing. My mom has long been amused by these shorts. So, she looked high and low, and finally found a pair of lazy shorts small enough to fit our little Mocha Cub. See below, the boys in their matching lazy shorts. Perfection.

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