Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The plan, so far.

So, the induction is scheduled for Friday morning. Assuming this kid doesn't make a break for it between now and then (not likely). On the plus side, I think all Xmas shopping is done, I have a stock of unbaked cookie dough in my fridge so I can throw together the family baking on an as-needed basis. So, that leaves nothing left to do but clean the house seven times (hey, family starts showing up today, so clearly, they'll all show up expecting June Cleaver standards and starving, right?) and stress about the birth. Fun, eh?

On top of all this delight, there's been some unpleasantness with my brother. I'll not go into details, but basically all the addiction, theft, lies and manipulation came to a head, and some gauntlets were thrown. So, I have no idea where it will all end up, but for now, he's agreed that he needs to seek treatment. Whether that will stick is anyone's guess. But, it's all really hard and upsetting, and I'm not really in a place where I can handle it, so I'm doing my best to avoid it.

If anyone has any fabulous, "My labor had to be induced and it was easy, unmedicated and wonderful," stories, load me up. To put into perspective for you, *knock wood* a C-section would be the most disappointing outcome (assuming the healthy mom and baby thing), and having to use pain medications would be a close second. So, yeah. Luckily, I'll have my big sister, who's a nurse, and my mom, who's just freakin' awesome, there with me and Xtian. So that feels better. Although as my sister mentioned, she's planning to mostly be there as a support person for Xtian while I'm too busy screaming obscenities at him. Hurray.

So, that's the state of my uterus. Aren't we glad to get info like this?

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