Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Sorry to leave those who want to know hanging. Still no Mocha Cub. But, I've been having a few hours of nasty contractions every night for the last several days, so hopefully that's doing...something. And maybe my doctor's appointment this morning will shed some light on things. I'm getting a little uncomfortable with my doctor's comments every time she measures me. "This...is going to be a BIG baby." Oh, that sounds delightful. My first time out the gate, and I'm going to have one of those behemoth babies that look like they ate another baby.

I'd be more skeptical of her assessments (how many of us have friends who were told how BIG this kid was going to be, only to have the baby a nice normal 7 and a half pounds? Personally, I count 4 friends who had this same happening.) but, I can also feel where the head is, where the butt is and where the legs are. I'm pretty sure I'll be giving birth to a fully functioning toddler at this point. Fuck, I'm tired.

In other news, Jen sent me a link to this video. My only response? White people are crazy. And I totally love this.

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