Monday, October 22, 2007

Needing A Nap.

So, my nice relaxing weekend with the folks didn’t quite pan out how I had hoped. Dad ended up coming down with my mom, but that meant their travel was dictated by a dinner in Folsom on Friday night, (meaning they got to my house after 11 pm. Yech!) and a speaking obligation at 9 am on Sunday morning (meaning they left my house at 5am. Also Yech!). But we did get the baby room pretty much all put together.

3 hours of traipsing through Ikea, and we have: curtains, a rocking/bouncing chair for mama, a rug, fabulous shelves, decorative fun things, and a bunch of organizational what have you. And, since I had all the help in the world, I didn’t have to carry anything, sew anything, iron anything or so much as touch an allen wrench. These are all good things.

I did take before pictures, but I haven’t managed the after pictures yet. Need to wait for the good lighting.

The only things remaining: clothing (I keep forgetting that a 6 pack of newborn onesies probably won’t get us very far), blankets (preferably NOT covered in cat hair), toys/decorations for the room (even with my fabulous mirror art, those walls are still awfully empty), and a Mocha Cub.

And since I found out that my company will most likely make me burn all my accumulated time off for maternity leave, I’ll be using it all up soon, thank you very much. Hopefully the occasional midweek day off will help me get some more rest. But, knowing me, it’s just going to be more time to clean the house, and fret.

And that’s it. I’m out of here folks.

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