Monday, October 1, 2007

Lost Weekend...of awesomeness.

An entire weekend spent on the couch, simply wonderful. All foods consumed included graphic representations of cooking instructions. (Oven to 425, cook until hot!) Did I mention that I love freezer French fries? Because I do. I watched hours of Charmed (don’t you judge me!), my football team won, my cats snuggled me and I never had to leave the house. It was pretty much awesome. Jen came over for a couple of hours to make sure I didn’t have bedsores, and to bring me more free baby stuff! Oh, and even better, turns out, MC is also a Raiders’ fan. Muwahahahah! Take that, Xtian!

Xtian, on the other hand, got to spend more than 48 glorious hours without a whiny fat chick bothering him. Golf, disc golf (I know, I know), pool and drinking with his friends. And he spent several hours with a 5-month-old girl charming the daylights out of him. Getting him all ready for babyness. And convincing him that having a daughter wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (Not that he wouldn’t love a girl; he’s just terrified of being the father of a girl).

And to top it all off, my big sister and her girlfriend already bought their tickets to come out here around Xmas to meet the little Mocha Cub. As my sister said, “Yeah, we’ll pretend we’re coming to see you, but really, we just want to steal your baby.” Now, that’s love. Or kidnapping. Or something like that.

I had thought my hormones were tapering off a little, until I was driving around with Xtian on Friday, and couldn’t stop pointing out how freaking adorable everything was. Small children, dogs, old people, you name it. Everything was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Xtian, being a prudent young man, just bit his tongue and smiled indulgently. But I’m pretty sure the only thing giving him the patience to handle me was the knowledge that he would be rid of my annoying ass soon.

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