Monday, August 27, 2007

Whoop that Trick.

I feel like ten tons of ass today. As though the third trimester (which officially began today) is welcoming me with a blinding headache, nausea, a racing heartbeat, lightheadedness and overall inability to function. Thanks! It’s a pleasure being here. Dear lord, if this lasts for another three months, I will die.

And I’m going to bitch about work for a minute here, if you all don’t mind.
In an attempt to be a good little worker bee who also happens to be a pregnant lady, I typed up a maternity leave proposal that sounded like a nice balance of time home to be with the new kiddo, and working to make money and still be a valued member of the damned “team”. Basically, I asked for 16 weeks at home, with the last 9 weeks working part time from home. Additionally, once I return to work full time, the option of working from home one day a week, to be determined by the company’s needs.

My supervisor looked it over, thought it sounded more than fair, and told me to put it forward to our Vice President.

In a candid conversation with my supervisor, the VP mentioned she doesn’t think it will fly. The reason? Our CEO has shown discomfort with employees telecommuting. Not that he’s here more than 4 hours a week. Not that he has any idea who I am or what job I do. Not that he has any inkling about the goings on of this office. Not that he reviewed my proposal in any way. My VP will not even present my proposal to the CEO. Because my VP is retiring soon (maybe another year or two) and is just trying to cruise on through. Why would she bother to go to bat for one of her employees? Why would she bother to try and make the office a more family friendly place? What the hell does she care? Her kids are grown.

So, instead, I will take every single minute of leave allotted to me by law (which will probably end up being at least 16 weeks, because I live in CA and our state laws are a little better than some), and refuse to communicate with the office during that time. I’m so fucking tired of companies talking about being family friendly employers, but having no policies that work for families. Fucking bullshit.
Oh, and while on maternity leave? I’ll be finding a job that isn’t full of asshats.

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