Thursday, July 12, 2007

Freud Would be Bored Stiff.

I know that there is nothing more boring than someone telling you about his or her dreams. But I’m going to tell you about mine.

I have, quite possibly, the most mundane dreams in the world. 90% of the time, I dream about going to work, reading through the email in my in-box, doing the work that I actually have planned for the following day, or doing standard household chores.

The other 10 % of the time, the dreams are about running errands. For example, last week I dreamt I went to a drug store, purchased some cushy shoe inserts, came home, put in the shoe inserts and was REALLY excited about that. Awesome, eh?

I had heard that pregnant women often have very vivid, and even disturbing dreams. I was really looking forward to that. I mean, after dreaming that I’m at work every night, only to have to get up and do it all over again, I feel like every week is a month long. Even horrifying nightmares are better than that.

Am I ever disappointed. Sure, my dreams are VERY VIVID. Vivid in that, I have a hard time remembering if I really received that one email, or if I just dreamed it. Even when I have the occasional baby dream, it’s about grocery shopping with the baby. Or, coming home after work to see, oh yeah, there’s a baby here.

I feel like I’m really not getting my money’s worth in the dream department.

So far, pregnancy, while not very difficult for me, has been pretty meh. I mean, I feel fine if tired and vaguely PMSy, but the skin still sucks. See? Nothing horrible, but none of the side-benefits.
Oh, but for those of the betting kind, I was convinced that MC was going to be a boy. Except in every single dream, MC’s a girl. So, take that into consideration before throwing down any big money.

I think I horrified my sister the other day. She was telling me that her boyfriend had commented on how he felt really bad for Xtian. Kat requested further explanation, and he explained, “9 months without having sex? Sounds awful.” When my sister told me that and asked if pregnant ladies are allowed to do IT, I disturbed her entire being by saying, “Not only are we allowed, but it’s pretty much the only thing we want to do.” That’s a nice mental image to give the poor girl.

Sometimes, I’m a good sister. Mostly, I’m wildly mediocre.

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