Friday, June 22, 2007

Wherein I whine about my head hurting.

Yeah, so headaches are on the menu for today. Why do I keep feeding myself lies about them going away? As I look back through posts, it’s just about every other day I’m ready to decapitate myself to get a little relief. But I keep pretending that it’s only every few weeks. So, I guess self-deception isn’t very effective.

It’s genetic testing day, and I was warned to give them my most recent weight. So this morning I hopped on the gym’s scale only to find that all weight I’ve gained since being pregnant has come off. Seriously, body? The only time in my life where it’s a bad idea to be losing weight, and with no extra effort on my part, I’m dropping 4 pounds a week. This is some bullshit.

(And just to stem the advice: I’m eating. I’m eating often. I’m eating well. Now, let’s move on).

This weekend is Gay Pride in San Francisco. I can’t wait! I’ve made it out to some of the festivities before, but I’ve yet to attend the parade. This is the year. I’ll have to bring my camera, as shenanigans are always pervasive. MC is a lucky little fetus. In the course of one summer, MC will get to see naked people proudly strutting on the streets of a major city, The Wu Tang Clan, Rage Against the Machine, Mos Def and more live from in the womb. How many kids get this much excitement before they’re even born? Few if any.

I’m almost done torturing poor Xtian via command Charmed viewings. And, to be honest, I’m a little sad to think about it being over. 7 seasons, 6 discs each is a lot of time committed. And I’m not sorry.

So, I’ve had three nights in a row of amazing dinners, only to find that I hate them all in leftover form. (Turns out, Chicken pot pie, crab cakes with roasted red pepper sauce and Macaroni and cheese with spinach all made from scratch DO NOT get better the next day). So, yet again, I heated up my lunch, took one bite and promptly threw it out. Maybe after labs I’ll pick up a Taco Salad. Goddamn, I love Taco Salad. (It’s a salad with more than 1000 calories. How can that suck?)

Right. I’m just rambling on about bullshit, I know. I apologize. But since my posting has been all garbage lately anyway, I’ve decided to keep the bar low. Just makes life easier right now. Let’s hope for 15 hours of sleep tonight *fingers crossed* since I’ve slept like shit all week.
Peace, and I’m out. Or something.

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