Thursday, June 14, 2007

So, Jen was like, "POST ALREADY!" So I was like, "Um, Ok."

Reason’s to love my husband:
  1. While putting on my first pair of maternity jeans, he tells me with sheer joy and delight, “They have room for your butt to get BIGGER!”
  2. When I can’t sleep, and so wake him up to see if he’ll make out with me, he in no way hesitates, even when he has to wake up in two hours.
  3. No matter how much work he puts into “helping” me make dinner; he still does the dishes without being asked.
  4. When I tease him for any number of silly man-things, (over indulging on chicken wings, grabbing my ass every time I walk by him, watching 6 hours straight of sports highlights etc) he responds with a grin, saying, “I’m not sorry.”
  5. Calls me as soon as he hears any Raiders’ related news on the radio, even though he could not care less about my football team.

I think I’ve gushed enough about Xtian for the day, let’s move on.

I love Twix bars. But my question is this: If the whole candy, both fingers, is called “Twix”, what does one call an individual finger of the Twix? Is it a Twick? Or is it a singular Twix? I’m confused. And it bothers me. (Yes Faith, I’m currently eating Twix. Jealous? Muwahahahahaha)

Dude, I do not like talking to people in the bathroom. So, if I’m entering a stall while you’re washing your hands, please don’t talk to me. I keep having random coworkers start a conversation while we’re both peeing. This is awkward. But if I don’t respond, it’s weird too. So, I just make every effort to only use the ladies’ while it’s completely unoccupied. This takes some precise timing, but I think it’s worth it.

I just had my first pasta dish since I got knocked up, and was able to eat it with relish. Hurray for Trimester the Second! Also, Hurray for Three-Cheese Lasagna with Super Meat Sauce! It’s so nice to cook a meal, and then be able to eat it. I know, doesn’t sound like much, but for the last few months, I’ll spend an hour making an elaborate dinner, only to be completely unable to eat it.
What could I eat: Ramen, Chicken McNuggets (only from McDonald’s none of those spicy chicken fingers from Burger King), Mashed Potatoes, French fries. Bland, salty and fatty.
Yes, a very balanced diet, wouldn’t you say?

For the first time in my entire life, my doctor showed concern because I hadn’t gained weight. I’m kind of loving this pregnancy thing. I’ve only put on about 3-4 pounds since I got pregnant, and the doctor is a little concerned. Methinks that now I’m able to eat with pleasure again, the lack of weight gain won’t be brought up again. (But hey, maybe my body is just an asshole and only puts on weight when I’m actively trying to lose it. Now that I’m supposed to put on weight, I’m eating like a pig and only working out to make impending labor easier and am only gaining about .2 pounds a week. I love this game!)

OH! And we got to hear Mocha Cub’s heartbeat yesterday. The coolest thing in the world. Sure, we got to see MC on the ultrasound, but we turned out to only be 6 weeks along, so it was a blob with a little flutter for a pulse. This was way neat, and Xtian’s face was so excited I almost died. It really reminded me why I wanted to have children with this man. Who doesn’t want to procreate with a person who is just dying to be a good daddy?
And now I’m going to cry, because I’m still an emotional, sleep-deprived wreck of hormones.
Happy Thursday y’all!

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