Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In which we bounce from topic to topic, sans coherent segues!

All bets are off today. I’m fighting a migraine, so I’m drinking a ton of water. Which leads to the need to pee every 25 minutes or so. Unfortunately, my body chose to do this on a day when we unexpectedly have no water in my office building. Which means, every 25 minutes, I’m walking down the block to use the bathroom at a church.

And not just any church, a creepy amphitheater church. You know the ones; “Raise one hand if you’re feeling the spirit. Raise BOTH hands if you’re REALLY feeling the spirit,” lightshows and a live band, very Leap of Faith. And oh my god, it freaks my shit out.
And for those wondering, my team lost our softball game last night. How badly? Just guess. No really, just guess.

WRONG! 27-3. Did you know that was even a possible score for a softball game? Because I didn’t. The first inning ended on the 10-run rule (Our team couldn’t get 3 outs, so the inning ended when the other team scored 10 runs. In one inning.) Not an auspicious start at all.

Here’s the thing, I like winning, hell everyone does. But I don’t mind losing if we play well, and the other team is just better than us. What my team does out there could in no way be called “Playing Softball.” It’s more like “10 people standing around watching in dumbstruck awe as other people run around the bases.” It’s just embarrassing.

I think I’m giving it one more game before I call it “WHO FUCKING CARES?” and just bring a book onto the field with me, so at least I have SOMETHING to occupy my attention.

Anyone who reads this thing knows I don’t usually talk about current events, and I don’t plan to start now. I will however write how sad I am for all the folks who were lost and who lost their loved ones on Monday in Virginia. It’s heartbreaking and upsetting and I don’t know of any way to really wrap your head around things like this. There’s no reason, there’s no one at fault. Just a mentally ill person who destroyed an entire campus and 33 families.

What I’m always most saddened by in situations like these is thinking of the perpetrator’s family. His parents had hopes and dreams for him, and did as much for him as they could. They moved their family to the U.S. hoping to do something that would make their children’s lives better, they sent him to school, and he even got to go to college; something most people in this country never get to do. People knew he was weird; teachers were concerned and sent him for counseling. He was on medication for depression, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from hurting others.

But like what happened after September 11, the media has completely lost their shit. I know, I know, they are covering the stories people are interested. But at what point does it stop being reporting the news, and become capitalizing on human misery for every dime they can squeeze? I think at this point, we have all the information we’re going to get. Continuing to rehash is only serving to keep the wounds open and prevent healing for the people directly affected. I don’t know anyone who isn’t upset, we all know as much as we want/need to know. Now let’s do whatever we can to help the victim’s families heal.

I’m not advocating forgetting this. Not in the least. But are we really going to be helped by seeing and hearing cell phone recordings of the events? No. That’s not news, that’s feeding morbid curiosity at the expense of others’ dignity.

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