Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday Night's For Fighting

So, I called my body a shithead, and it answered back with a fury. My non-allergies kicked in during Jen’s Birthday Dinner Fabulosity last night. I could deal with that, no problem. A little nasal steroid, a little Claritin, and she’s all taken care of right?

Yeah, not so much. I’m on every bit of sinusy medication I can find and the sneezing, the snotting will not end. As if that weren’t awesome enough, my body really took it to a new level this morning, with a record THREE headaches at the same time.

That’s right, three distinct headaches all happening at the same time.

We’ve got the frontal sinus pressure headache. We’ve got the top of the head residual red wine headache, and rounding out the trio, we’ve got the back of the head lack of sleep headache.

I rule. In classic Coley form, I’m heading into my birthday feeling like microwaved trash. Spectacular.

On the plus side, had an AMAZING dinner last night to celebrate Jen’s birthday. Fabulous food, good wine (hence headache #2), really fun company and a waiter who couldn’t pour enough lemoncello into Sarah. Fantastic.

I think this bitch is going to get herself home early today. Fuck it, I’m salaried.

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