Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bullet Points: Solutions for the lazy

  • My family is very sneaky and actually managed to get a SURPRISE PARTY together for me!

  • My Big Sister from Philadelphia even made it out!
  • While Playing a board game, my poor, dear husband mimed taking a shit. In front of my parents. That's what we like to call "commitment to the cause."

  • Consequently, I’m pretty familied out

  • Mean Russian Lady asked me if I’m pregnant today. I answered, “No, just fat, apparently.” Just excellent.

  • Xtian is currently hanging out with my dad and sister, snowboarding while I’m wasting away at work.

  • All during the last 4 days while family was here and the next couple days while Xtian is gone, has been my prime/possible ovulation time. This shit sucks.

Happy Birthday April, you look younger than me by at least a decade.
I’m going home and snuggling with Sarah while eating a pizza.

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