Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Verdict: Fun (oh that was awful...Just awful)

Ah, the weekend. Where have you gone? So, no on the jury duty, which is pretty sweet (although, a month of still getting paid, and being able to show up late, hungover and in only moderately clean clothing does have a certain appeal…). And, they plead out before we even got to jury selection, so I didn’t even have any awesome Jack McCoy questioning a juror’s lifestyle/personal beliefs moments. Which is sad.

However, what WASN’T sad? The birthday party. As per usual on a party day, I forgot to eat until well after the party was underway, started drinking while cooking (at *ahem* 3 pm), and was a little too tipsy to do my own hair when it became time to get ready. I ROCK!

But, in a few bullet points:

  • Drinking Jenga is the greatest game ever.
  • Boys whom I’ve just met, yet in no way mind being called “Fluffy” all night are pretty fucking cool
  • Pajama parties for adults: best idea ever. I’m never attending a party again if I can’t wear my jammies.
  • At least one breast was autographed, possibly three…memory is a touch fuzzy. (And there’s only photographic proof of ONE autographed tit, so there’s that).
  • We now have more alcohol in our home than any one person could consume in a year. Luckily, three people live in my home, and if we include cats (and with their levels of stress, tell me they COULDN’T use a drink) we’re up to six. So, I’m saying, give us a couple weeks. Or, till the end of the Superbowl. Whatever.

The damper on the weekend was having to get up at 8 am the morning after the party. Sitting through someone else’s church while hungover and annoyed is probably what hell would be for me. Even better yet, having to sit through a sermon that had to have been sponsored by the “People Against PETA” campaign, that in NO WAY followed it’s own logic (it’s own flawed logic I might add). Look, if you’re trying to prove something logically, and are basing it on flawed documents, translations etc and your argument STILL doesn’t follow, just abandon that entire way of thinking.

At least the Mormons don’t even bother with logic. They know that their beliefs don’t stand up to critical thinking, so they just go along with it and scream “FAITH” whenever you question. Which is somehow less annoying… interesting.

But, yeah, I got suckered into going to church again. So, we’re up to….3 times in the last five years? Better be careful, or they’ll make a Christian of me yet. *shudder*

Right, back to editing legal copy for the ninth time today….

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