Monday, October 23, 2006

A few things to note:

You know what’s awesome? Waking up, going for a run, feeling pretty good today after a couple of yucky weeks, only to get to work, and have someone who almost never talks to you ask “God, are you sick? You look sick.” To which I replied, “No, not sick, just looking good, apparently.”

I finally responded to one of my MIL’s offensive emails (this one was so racist, I almost cried) with a polite, and nice “please don’t send me emails like this in the future” note.
I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I had dinner last night with Jen and a couple of her friends and their children. It reminded me that a lot of people are focusing on the negatives of having children, as though they need to remind me that it will be hard. But spending time with this neat family and their super neat kids, reminded me that THIS is why people have children.

And as another note, now that is mostly common knowledge (at least to anyone NOT related to me) that we’re “trying” I seem to be getting a weird response from some casual acquaintances. Every time the subject of having kids comes up, at least one person will start making a case about overpopulation. Nice. I just have to wonder if these people have figured out:

  • That’s unbelievably rude,
  • Umm, telling someone who is trying to get pregnant that THEY are contributing to this problem might not go over well (thanks for trying to tell me I’m not entitled to want children)
  • That we actually have a negative population growth in this country, and a lot of overpopulation problems have nothing to do with birthrates, and EVERYTHING to do with people living longer. So, easy solution for those people: DIE NOW.

Can you tell it bothers me just a little? Oh, you can?

And I just noticed that this is my 200th post on this site. So, I found myself wondering why I do this. Why do I spew my garbage all over the internet? I know a lot of what I write is petty stuff and I’m not meaning to sound whiny or complaining. Really, I just think it’s better to laugh at the little annoyances rather than actually letting them hurt me. If I can find the humor in something, it can’t be that bad, right? And framing events for a public forum makes me look at it all from an external perspective. And everything is funnier when it doesn’t happen to YOU.
And at least I have a creative outlet since I don’t really get a chance to write what I want in my job and I’ve never aspired to write the great American novel. So, at least I can feel like I’m not letting my writing wither away and die.

Hell, it’s not like anyone who doesn’t know me reads this thing anyway.
Anyone else ever figured out why they essentially write a journal in a public outlet? Are we all just self-indulgent narcissists? Probably, but meanwhile, it’s been nice reading about people in the same/different situations.

Happy 200, yo. Wish I had something a little more interesting, but it is Monday afterall.

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