Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Warning: this post is going to be a mushy overly sentimental train wreck. Proceed with Caution.
I have done the math and have figured out that I have the best husband in all the land. Skeptical? Well, allow me to elaborate.
My delightful life partner is up most mornings at 4 am. He then works minimum 10 hours in a physically exhausting job comes home and lifts weights (because he clearly has to “hot himself up” for me) showers all before I get home from work. After this exhausting day he then spends the rest of the evening listening to me bitch about random aspects of my day, all while fixing me a drink and a little snackiness. After I make dinner (which usually involves Xtian making half the food) he does the dishes and packs up the leftovers in perfect lunch sized portions for me. He spends the rest of the evening cuddling me and rubbing my back/belly and telling me I’m pretty.
On his few days off, he gets up with me at 5:15 am to join me in a run, then cleans house, lifts more weights (remember? The hottening up?) then takes a 1.5 hour BART ride to meet me for lunch in godforsaken LIVERMORE.
He can be a silly, silly man, which I LOVE. Anytime I make, mention or reference pudding, a 5-minute Bill Cosby impression will ensue.
He loves my kitties to a point it’s ridiculous. And he keeps me from bringing home the horrifying-to-think-of 4th cat. Because I CLEARLY need another cat in my house.
He shows up to all my family functions without complaining, hangs out with all my younger cousins, who adore him, and has nothing but nice things to say about anyone.
He attends the random Mormon events my mother guilts me into attending, and NEVER complains.
Anytime I ask him why he’s so good to me, he will invariably and sincerely answer, “Because you will always deserve better.”
When I am cranky, and crampy and pms-y he goes to ENORMOUS lengths to appease my insanity. All the while telling me I’m allowed to feel mean and bitchy because I’m hurting and having a hard time. (Some might call him an "enabler" but clearly they don't understand PMS)
Anytime he sees a cute baby, he looks at me and says, “I can’t wait to make babies with you.” And when my wonderful girlfriend Jen brought me a baby-sized hat she knit (no, we have no news to report, Jen’s just wonderful like that) he became a puddle of goo at the cuteness of the hat.
He started growing roses in our yard, and takes painstaking care of them. His reason for growing flowers? So he can give them to me. Yes, he’s just that adorable.
Factor into this that he is married to me, one of the more difficult humans to deal with on a daily basis. And throughout all this, he worships me.
This is why I can honestly say I have the best husband on the planet. Oh, and did I mention that on top of all of this, he is wicked hot? I mean, check the flickr photos if you don’t believe. It’s cool, I’ll wait.
See? See???
I told you wicked hot.
My younger sister had a little crush on Xtian when we started dating, (well when Xtian and I started dating, not my sister and I. That would be very awkward indeed). A while ago she asked me if she was allowed to want to marry Xtian. I told her no, that would now be really gross. But she’s totally allowed to want to marry someone LIKE him. She seemed satisfied and left it alone. I couldn’t be mean and take away her hope and tell her, honestly, that everyone else would be a pathetic second place to Xtian’s champion performance.

Ok, I think I’m all gushed out now. Sorry for the ridiculousness today. We’ll continue our petty bitching tomorrow, shall we?

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