Friday, June 2, 2006

Testing, Testing

So, let's give this post via email thing a try shall we? I have no idea if this is working or not, so forgive me if the page is beyond screwy.
My new employer has the internet on lock-down. And it's a small company, so they have plenty of time to check internet logs. Just a quick update: turns out, I love unemployment. Those few days off work were fantastic. I got so much done, and had so much energy. This working for a living thing is for the birds. But at least I'm out of the dreaded "Old Job."
Of course it wouldn't have been real if my former boss (called Lady Boss) hadn't COMPLETELY screwed up my leaving. No one from my department was in the office my last day, so Coworker (now Former Coworker) Friend Jen, another coworker whom I adore, and I went out for lunch. On the company. No, we didn't do it up crazy like with a six-martini-lunch or anything. But all those extra appetizers were VERY much deserved, I assure you.
How fabulous to take off on a long weekend knowing I never had to set foot in that place again. Of course that was not the case. I went out of town for a couple days and returned to a message from Lady Boss, informing me that I hadn't completed my "terminating" paperwork. Ummm. So, when I asked you point-blank over a week ago "What do I need to do before I leave?" What did that mean to you? Oh yeah, as a manager, she should do absolutely nothing. Clearly. So, I had to take an hour of my precious "I don't have a job" time to come in and do all the work Lady Boss was responsible for. It's so typical, I don't know why I expected it to go any other way.

Spent a couple days with the Fam in Chico (sidestory: now that I"m an old married lady, Xtian gets to sleep in the same room with me at my parents' house. It still felt like I was doing something wrong. Awkward) during which we scoped out the county fair.

Every year my mom and I think it's going to be such a good idea to check out the fair. And every year we come home asking "Why did we think that was a good idea?" It seems I get amnesia every year and forget that county fairs bring out some...ummmm.... interesting folks. There was a singing group we watched for a minute (a friend of a friend was supposed to be in it). They opened up with several adults playing instruments and about 8 children in prairie garb "singing" old prairie songs. Except none of the kids knew the words, there was absolutely nothing resembling singing going on, and any choreography that was attempted was utterly destroyed by these talentless hacks masquerading as "cute kids." I felt bad for a minute for mocking them. But then I realized, "If I was that kid, and had absolutely no talent, I would hope that some kind soul would let me know that I totally suck so I don't grow up with the mistaken idea that I'm good." At least, that was my rationale.

Most of the day was filled with second hand embarrassment and open-jawed-shock. I had forgotten how many nasty people populate the area my family lives in. Really disturbing.

But, the new job is a-calling and I must answer. Happy Friday Y'all.

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