Thursday, May 25, 2006

15 people (snagged from April)

Here's how it works:Write 15 things about 15 separate people, but don't name them. They can be things you were too shy to tell people, things you wish you could tell them or things you hate about them. Anything.

  1. Even though you disagree with my choices, you’re always supportive of me. Everything your children throw at you, you seem to be able to handle with wit, patience and love. I only hope to someday be anywhere near that good as a mother.
  2. I regret nothing that happened with you. I hope you someday figure out how to be a man in your relationships instead of a petulant child. But even if you don’t, you aren’t my problem anymore.
  3. I love you and respect everything you are doing with your life. I wish you could return the feeling. I wish you could stop being so self-centered long enough to see your family for the amazing, flawed, loving, broken people they all are; instead of only seeing people for how they did you wrong.
  4. You are a Human Irritant. You are so interested in hearing yourself talk that you can’t be bothered to listen. Maybe if you had listened just once, you would have known that everyone here dislikes you.
  5. I am amazed at your strength, and humbled by your weakness. I can count on you to stick up for me when I can’t; except when it comes from the men you date. I hope you make better decisions when it comes to relationships.
  6. Sometimes, you annoy the piss out of me. I wish we could talk about something either than softball, and the people at your church. But you have never let me down when I needed you. And I respect how much work you’ve put into being a better father. Even when I hate you, I love you.
  7. We were inseparable. You turned on me and never told me why. You almost killed my ability to trust female friends. Lucky for me, the memory of you fades every day.
  8. While we lived in the same house, I couldn’t stand you. Now that you are becoming a full-on grown up, I can’t imagine not being so close to you. What an amazing woman you are becoming. I only hope you can shrug off your religion long enough to discover some things for yourself.
  9. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I can’t imagine where my life would be right now without you. I love you beyond reason and logic, and I’m awestruck by your ability to make everything ok, even when it’s not. I can handle anything, so long as you are with me.
  10. I want you to realize that you are worthwhile. Regardless of what others say to hurt you. You have enormous strength and resolve. You are a survivor.
  11. When you are in a good place there is no one better than you. When you are in a bad place, there is no one I fear more. Once you heal yourself, you will be an amazing man.
  12. You restored my faith in women. Your friendship helped me through so much transition. You are the one I entrust with my feelings, my fears, my happiness and everything in between, because you validate me with everything you say. I just hope I can be as good to you as you are to me.
  13. You called me “heathen” when I asked too many questions. You tried to kill my spirit and then wondered why I left you. I will always believe that you destroy the lives entrusted to you.
  14. We grew up together in every sense of the phrase. You are my touchstone. Regardless of the distance and time between us, you are always the one who can see through me. You try to hide your pain from me, but don’t you think by now I can see through you too?
  15. You are the problem with your department. Everything a good employee or manager is, you are the opposite. You never go to bat for your staff, and you blame them for any problems. Some day, I hope someone sees through your shit and fires you like you need to be fired.

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