Monday, May 22, 2006

Recap Part 3: Nuptials and what have you

So, the wedding happened. I cried through every minute of it. Which, for those who know me, is saying something. I wrote the ceremony, Xtian and I both read through it several times, out loud prior to the ceremony. I liked the sounds, I liked the meanings, we promised important things and all that, but it didn't get my sobbing like a sad drunk until we read them at the rehearsal. I guess it's all about context. With the families around, and standing at the altar looking at Xtian while I read them, it felt REAL. We were running through it all, and it was fine. The second it was my turn to read the vows, the tears were flowing.

In the days preceding the wedding, the stress hit. Not the "oh my gawd, I'm getting married" stress, or even the "holy shit I have too much to do" stress. More the "I'm surrounded by 35 people at all time" stress. For as loud and vivacious as I can be, I need a lot of quiet time. And it didn't help that Xtian, who even in the worst of times can keep me calm, and I had exactly 5 minutes together in the three days before the wedding. Or that I had the WORST acrylic nails in the universe applied Thursday night, and subsequently spent the next 30 hours soaking my fingers in acetone to get them off. Or that I met my mother-in-law for the first time EVER less than 48 hours before the wedding.

But with all that, I only bitched at Xtian a few times, and was only pissy when I forgot to eat for 15 hours at a stretch.


The actual wedding day, I was a ball of tears from the moment I woke up. At least all the stress was gone (due in HUGE part to my mother keeping me away from doing anything, and Sarah keeping everyone away from me, and Kat keeping me away from reality), and I could just revel in the day. Beautiful toasts were made, people all got together and were on their good behavior.
Even Big Rhonda put on her saccharine sweet, insincere smile and said "Congratulations" and then I never spoke to her again. Fabulous really.

I didn't have the "oh, it's over" sensation at all. Perhaps because the party raged on several hours longer than I thought it would. Or perhaps it was because 5, count them FIVE people stayed over at our house on our wedding night.

Awesome. But, the next day we had brunch with the families, collected our kitties from the kennel, and were off on our honeymoon. I'll attempt to keep in PG.
The food was amazing, the inn was fantastic, the weather held the entire time. And, there was a double whirlpool bath. We soaked everyday. We drank a TON of wine. We lounged around and just enjoyed eachother's company.

Oh yeah, and had a ton of super-hot doin' it.
It's me, you knew I had to throw it in.


A special wedding gift fell into my lap the day before the nuptials. I got a job offer. Doing a job I've actually been trained and educated to do. I'm so excited I can't believe it.
I was so excited, I actually took 10 minutes from our honeymoon to put in my notice at my current job.
So as of this Friday, No more viper pit for me! Sure, this job adds a 30 mile commute, and pays slightly less (but is union, and covers full bennies, plus a pension. A PENSION!!), but it just may be the greatest thing ever.

I've had so much fun not giving a shit at my current job this week. I don't have much to do, and I'm taking my time doing it.

So, pictures to come. Eventually. Maybe.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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