Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday (there's a reason it's not a Mama's and the Papas song)

Quick Bitch:
GAH!! I hate Xtian's boss. He's now two weeks LATE paying Xtian, which is killing me financially. So, the job hunt is on. I hate being dicked around. I particularly hate people dicking Xtian around. He's so easy going, he'll rarely raise a ruckus, but dude, we're getting fucked. And not in the pleasant way.

Ok, that's done. Let's move along.

My performance review is Thursday, and I have to ask for a raise. I've never done that before in my life. I have no idea how to negotiate. So, I'm going to practice on you. Enjoy. Or stop reading. Really, it's soooo boring in here. Don't even bother. I mean it. Stop now.

Ok, good their all gone.
"Ahem, here's why I think I deserve a significant raise and change in job title.
1. I've been here for a year and a half without any increase in pay
2. During 2005, I reclaimed over $50000 in revenue for our department.
3. When our web coordinator left, I took that position on as well, with about a week of training learned an entirely new skilset, saving this department and this company one full time employee and tens of thousands in wages.
4. I'm the only person in this department who has yet to miss a deadline.
5. I'm the only person in this department who has actually shown completed work.
6. I've met and exceeded every goal put upon me since I started here.
7. I'm freaking poor and trying desperately to get my life going.
8. I'm nicer than everyone in this company
9. I don't steal office supplies (Ok, I borrowed a pen once, but I brought it back!!)
10. I will literally do ANYTHING to make more money at this company. "

How does that sound? Like it's worth an extra $1000 a month? I hope so.


So, just because I can, anyone want to see my wedding ring? Yeah, I know it's not very traditional, but neither am I. And it's sparkly, so there! mmmmm. Blue topaz. Two months salary my ass.


Some interesting things brought to my attention today:
Perhaps my eating disorder issues are tied to the obnoxious religion I was raised in. Can you say "acting out?"
I'm apparently ridiculously aware of all the shit going on in my head, and how fucked up some of it is.
Perhaps my family's ways of dealing with uncomfortable situations doesn't always work. Open mockery is sometimes fun, and yes, sometimes if you don't laugh you'll cry. But joking about a person's psychological problems, probably ain't a good idea.

The first time in forever that I felt good about a doctor's appointment.

So my sister is right, I'm an old soul. Turns out I really am about 94 years old. Who knew?

That's it for me.
Tuesday, fuck you.

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