Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Ok, time for the details:
Xtian and I have been talking about getting married for some months now. Xtian expressed his desire to get married this spring/summer. While chatting on Monday night, we started making some wedding plans. Mostly along the lines of "who needs to be there." My older sister is graduating from her nursing program this May, and I expressed a desire for her to be at the wedding. Xtian asked that I call her to get some times that she'd be able to travel.
So, the planning was underway.
While I was checking my sister's availability, I figured I'd check in with my friend Jen to see if she had any standing travel plans that I didn't know about. When I told her why I was asking, it hit me.
Holy Crap.
We're actually getting married.

It took Jen saying OH MY GOD, If you aren't going to bounce (bounce=become excited to the point that one can no longer sit still) then I'll bounce for you. At that point, I finally allowed myself to get happy about it, instead of viewing it as just something that needed to get done. Yes, I'm just that romantic. Xtian is a lucky, lucky man. Or...something.

Before we told my parents of our plans, Xtian wanted to talk to get their approval/blessing. So, he picked me up from work, and we were off to Chico. Xtian was visibly freaking out. He couldn't carry on a conversation and looked like he was going to throw up.
He'd packed a bag for me, and grabbed some sodas, but lamented that he had forgotten to bring some road snacks. I thought we had left a bag of licorice in the truck, so I reached behind the seat, and felt a bag. I looked into the bag, and there were Ritz sandwhiches, mini oreos and some granola bars. Holy crap. I've never seen any of this before, and neither had Xtian. Miracle snacks. Things were going to be ok.

A couple of hours later, we'd been driving through on-and-off rain. I've been talking Xtian's ear off trying to distract him from his nervousness. It wasn't working very well. Xtian is visibly mouthing words at this point, rehearsing what he'll say. His nerves are making me nervous. I turn to the right, only to see a perfect, brilliant rainbow stretching across a field. I could see both points where it met the ground. It kept getting more and more vivid. I told Xtian that this was a sign that everything would be ok.

We pulled up in front of my parents' house. My dad's car wasn't there, and my mom just happened to be sitting in the front room of the house. As we drove by, intending to come back in a little bit so Xtian could talk to both of them, my mom looked up and caught me dead in the eye. Crap, we hadn't planned for this eventuality. So, we parked, went inside and told her we were just there to say hi. She didn't push, so I asked her when Dad would be home. Shortly. Ok, we sat and waited.

To be continued tomorrow.

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