Monday, March 20, 2006

There's a reason wedding vows say "in SICKNESS and health."

Oy, the plague. It killed me for a few days. The best part: the absolute exhaustion. Sure, you're all congested, and breathing is torture, but to make it even better, once the major symptoms have all but subsided, the exhaustion continues on. Think you're feeling better? Think maybe you'll go outside for a few minutes to water the garden? Yeah, on the way back in, you'll have to stop and rest TWICE on the 12 stairs leading to the porch. Excellent.

And poor Xtian had to deal with me all throughout this. Poor kid was home all week, having to deal with me whining, monopolizing any room he was in (in fact, even moving from room to room just behind him. Think you'll watch some tv? NO! I need to lay on the couch now. Think you'll play around on the computer? NO, I need to lay in bed for a while. I'm pure evil, as it turns out) being hungry, but hating everything, and absolutely being the opposite of anything fun.
"Xtian, leave me alone! I feel like shit!! Just shut up and get out. Yes, I know I'm being a righteous bitch, but I'm sick and I don't care!!!!"

5 seconds later
"Why aren't you snuggling me!!!???!!!??? Do you hate me now? I'm sorry. I'm whiny. I know I'm whiny? Why do you put up with me?"

No exageration there at all. I suck at being sick. And I hate staying home sick, because even though I KNOW I'm ill, and have no business being at work, I still feel guilty. I don't know why. I can't just sink into my illness and ride it out. I have to think, constantly about how much work I'll have to do when I get back, and how many emails will I have to respond to. I'm a nerd. I know it. I've embraced it.

So, my mom and little sister came down this weekend for Wedding Dress Shopping Extravaganza! I foresaw tears, and total body hatred. So, I lined up about 6 stores to check out. Wouldn't you know it, at the first place we stopped, some random discount formal wear store, we found a gorgeous dress. The first one I tried on, actually. And in a complete reversal of what I'd always thought I would do, I went all out with veil and tiara. I'm only doing the big wedding once, so fuck it. I'm going all the way.

No tears, no body freak out. Nothing. I'm almost a little disappointed. I was all ready for an emotionally wrenching day, and turns out, it was the easiest shopping trip of my life. It took longer to pay for the dress, than it did to try on 10, and decide on one. Amazing.

Right, work is acalling. Happy Monday, and enjoy the shit weather.


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