Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Recap Plus Coley's a spaz!

Lessons learned this weekend:

  • I am getting too old to drink. Had a few drinks on Friday, just enough to get a decent buzz on. Drank over a gallon of water, ate some grease, and woke up with a malicious, pernicious headache that didn't go away until 7 pm. Super. 24 years old, and well past my prime.
  • I'm hungry pretty much all the time. Unless I've just finished eating, I'm hungry. This can't be good for my weight loss.
  • Lesson to Gentlemen who go to bars/clubs to pick up on women: A female consenting to dance with you is NOT, I repeat NOT, consenting to Make out with you. Be forewarned.(Note: this rule goes hand in hand with: Slamming your erection into a woman's back is NOT an appropriate way to initiate dancing, conversation or really anything.)

Had a fabulous weekend, went out with Jen, rode a mechanical bull. Had wonderful giggly girl time. There was a decided lack of cute men who were also capable of flirting. It seems only old, unattractive men could speak, and cute men just looked confused when I attempted to chat. The youth of tomorrow is sadly, sadly subpar in conversation skills.

To single men who lament their loneliness: learn to speak. I've known a lot of cute men who just couldn't seem to meet women, and wonder why. The answer is, they do not know how to flirt. They either mumble and grunt, or are so sexually overt it's gross. Casual conversation is not that hard, get it together man!


When I talked to my doctor about my fat ass, her grand advice (aside from "You are a little crazy and should probably seek professional help") was to stand more often. Yeah. I realize that my job involves sitting at a desk for nearly 8 hours a day, but this seemed a little too simplistic. (Yeah, all that running, walking and sex isn't helping, but stand more often, and you'll lose the weight).
So, I'm humoring her and have been standing at desk for as long and as often as I can without aching. The problem with this? I listen to music on my headphones through much of the day, and while sitting, I can normally do a little chair dancing without anyone noticing. However, when standing, the top half of my head is clearly visible to everyone else in the office. Now everyone thinks I'm having a seizure every time a good song comes on.
So now, I'm the sneezer and the weirdo. Just fantastic.

Happy Birthday April!!!! May your fabulocity extend to your 28th year.

Right. That is all for now. Have a wonderful day!

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