Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The best VD is, as April put it, the Curable kind.

Warning: I'm admittedly cynical. I dislike schmoopy, lovey "romantic" garbage. I find the phrase "making love" to be one of the most repugnant utterances I've come across. I have no problem telling someone I love them to bits, but the second that soulful looks comes over someone's face and they start to tell me, seriously, how in love they are with someone, I have to quell the urge to poke them in the eye. I know, a lot of people are into it. I just can't do it.
Call me an ass, I don't care. It's just me.
This is just one reason I generally detest Valentine's Day. I've allowed it to be in my life for a while now, just because it usually includes chocolate. (And we know I've got a lot of forgiveness for anything involving chocolatle. Especially of the Godiva variety. )But anyhow... back to me hating Valentine's day. I dislike schmultzy, prepackaged sentiment. The standards of VD (flowers, candy, a card) are all nice things, but when they are expected doesn't it remove all meaning from it? Isn't the point of romance that it's rather unexpected? Beyond that I hate the Hallmark idea that if you get this ONE day right, you're off the hook for another year. Like we only have to be thoughtful and kind one day a year?

Ok, So, I think I've pounded this point into the ground. But, being in a new-ish relationship with a guy who really digs all that sweetie-type crap, I thought I would at least broach the subject.

"Are we doing Valentine's day this year?"
- "What do you mean?"
"Are we going to exchange gifts and do dinner and all that standard crap?" (Really, such a way with sweet talk I have)
- "Umm, well I'm kind of broke, so gifts would be tough."
"GREAT! So, we can just ignore it, right?"
- "I .... guess....."

So, we agreed, we'd make a nice dinner together and leave it at that. Nothing really special there, we do that most nights. And Xtian is fabulous at doing little things for me all the time, not just one day a year. He'll show up after work with a bouquet of irises, or a box of chocolates just because. Now, isn't that better than a pre-packaged VD? So, I went into VD looking forward to a chill day.

It turned out Xtian was off work Tuesday, so we had lunch together. He picked me up, we went back home, and ate some particularly tasty leftovers. Fabulous. We had some time to spare before I went back to work, so a midafternoon throwdown was in order. Fabulous.

He picked me up after work, took me home where we snuggled on the couch. The sweetie wanted to make me dinner. But knowing that I can't keep my ass out of the kitchen, he came up with a lovely diversion. A bubble bath. Mmmmmmmmm. I love baths. I could soak in a burning hot bath for hours. So, all the candles were lit, the wine was waiting and my book was ready. Cutey love notes (written on neon post-it notes) were all over the mirror, the wine, the bottle of bubble bath. Just cute enough.

As I was rinsing off after my bath, he knocked on the door to tell me dinner was just about ready. A tasty shrimp and pasta dish with complementing wine was all laid out. Food was good, wine is always delicious. Then it occurs to me, that this was probably the best VD I've ever heard of. THIS is what it's all about. Knowing what a person (I don't buy the whole VD is for the ladies shite. If women want more "romance" then they need to take a hand in it too.) actually enjoys, then creating an evening you know they'll love is how this should be done. I don't like big displays of gushiness, so it was just sweet and silly. Nothing better than a post-it that reads "dude, you're hot" to make you feel good.

And I get this more than once a year. So, take THAT Hallmark!!

On the plus side, I finally got my camera, computer and Flickr to cooperate, so maybe pictures will finally grace these pages. Perhaps.

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